About Us

Newsie Events is a new generation news medium that brings to you trending stories as they break. We are dedicated to giving you the very facts only, with a focus on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We are purely independent, multi-media online news platform based in Coal-City, Enugu, Nigeria.

Our primary focus is on politics, sports, entertainment, policy and economy; International news, and africa.

We passionate about project the happenings in Africa, not just the nice details but the ugly ones to the world, with a view to change our thought process that will bring about impactful development.

We are poised to speak truth to governments, businesses, and leaders, both locally and globally.
NEWSIE EVENTS was established in October 2017, by the @GreatMindsForum.  Credited with a string of incisive reports that have and will  continue to garner massive engagements, and are helping to influence government policies, institutions and decisions that generates good governance

To not relent in the pursuit of justice, fairness, truth, accountability and good governance for all citizens.

To propagate the teaching that “Facts Are Sacred, Comment Is Free” and thereby educate and inform Nigerians and the world at large..

Core Values: