Africans Wake Up! : The Definition Of Stupidity Is Knowing The Truth, Seeing The Truth And Still Believes In Lies And Imagination.

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The definition of stupidity is knowing the truth, seeing the truth and still believes in lies and imagination,
Any of your pastor, Rev and Bishops in Nigeria praying for your prosperity in Nigeria, telling you that your village people are holding down your destiny is nothing but a criminal that deserves to be stoned to death without wasting of time,
I can only regard Nigeria criminal religion leaders as a human being from the day they start leading us in protest to attract the attention of the international community and let them know that our Government has denied us industries where people are made to work and make money in all over the world to avoid kidnapping, stealing, dying out of lack of job opportunities, dying out of lack of money to go to hospital.
They can not do that but can only lead us in protest of crusade and Adoration to create awareness of thier church and their money-making industries,
AFRICANS wake up,
Prophesy and seeing of vision in African have never developed any country on earth, it is all fraud and scam to keep you in forever bondage waiting for magic miracle, wake up from your slumber and face the reality, your Goverment has the final say to develop your country, while you are the God to put them in thier position and pull them down at any time and any moment they misbehave.
If your religious leaders are active and stands on the truth, then they should defend the children of God with all their heart and work for God.
Instead of that, due to the condition and situation of Nigeria, they are now taking advantage of people of God because everyone want to succeed and, all believe that their cases are spiritual, and that is why they keep lying to you with fake prayers and fake prophesy that only exist in African, which Nigeria is their headquarter.
Judge by your self from this pictures and know if your Nigeria prophesy and anointing water will change us to become like some pictures in this post in 200 years to come, if no then we need to pick action because the sweetest freedom on earth is a freedom from religion to defend their faith before the world, watch below👇


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