I saw Pete Edochie’s video. By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

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And I want to say that Pete Edochie is a man I respect so much, but in the case of Biafra,  I will stand with Biafra before any other man or woman. That is because Biafra is the survival of our people. And it should always come first.
A lot of things have been used by certain people to speak down on Biafra and one of them is the saying that Igbo is LAND LOCKED.
The current elites have been relegating Igbo land to just SOUTH EAST. South East is a Nigeria creation and it doesn’t describe who is Igbo and not Igbo.
We have IGALA people included in Anambra and we have Igbo people included in Delta, Rivers, Benue, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Edo and Kogi state of both South South and North.
So why is it that those that call themselves elders in Igbo land keeps relegating Igbo land to South East?
The notion that Igbo land is landlocked is a Nigeria government and Nigeria media creation. It has been propagated so much and for so long that even Ndị Igbo themselves are believing in that nonsense.
Nothing will come in our way of freedom. Not even my love for Ogaragidi.
We are angry, we are mean and we will never relent until Biafra is restored.

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