AkwaIbom State: Female NYSC Members beaten, stripped naked over alleged murder

By Simdi Gloria:-

On Sunday, a female National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member in Akwa Ibom State was beaten and stripped in Uyo by a mob that accused her of killing a man she reportedly spent a night with.

The accused was identified as Odume Princess and said to be a graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She was stripped naked in a video as she was being beaten and cursed by some men who appeared to be from the community where the incident occurred.

The arrival of police officers at the scene prevented the mob from lynching the woman who was later driven out of the place in a police truck.

A source, who said he spoke with the female corps member at the police custody, said she claimed the slain man “tried to rape her and that she attacked him in self-defense.”
“She went to the boy’s house. If it were her house, it would have been a better case (for her),” the source said.

On her Facebook page Princess describes herself as a “nice, good at heart” person, but “with zero tolerance to (for) bullshit”.

A witness who claimed to have arrived at the scene before the suspect was arrested took to Facebook to reveal that Odume was caught drenched in what was believed to be the victim’s blood and attempted to exit the crime scene.

“She is accused of killing a young guy early this (Sunday) morning at Abak Road. I saw a large crowd gathered at Abak road by Afahaoffot so I ran there and behold I saw this young lady been beaten and stripped totally naked,” he wrote.

“I immediately tried to gather information there and everyone there said that she was found this morning around 9.30 am trying to jump the fence of a young guy she went for hook-up with. Bloodstains were all over her.

“So she was caught and beaten to stupor and also stripped naked. According to the people at the scene, she matchet a young guy to death this morning whom she went out with. She killed the young guy instantly.

“After several cuts on his stomach and face, on trying to jump out from the fence she was caught. I feel pity for her ’cause the devil actually used her this morning to perform such wonders.”

‘You’re not immune to prosecution’ — coordinator begs corps members to avoid crime

Julius Amusan, the coordinator for the Akwa Ibom NYSC, described the case as “an unfortunate development.” He warned members to steer off crime, adding that being with the NYSC doesn’t make them immune to prosecution.

“The report was brought to us yesterday evening and we contacted the police. It was the police that told us the lady was almost lynched after she hacked her boyfriend to death. We were not there,” Amusan told TheCable Lifestyle.

“We were not told how it happened or what led to it. Circumstances surrounding the case are still sketchy. We’re relying on the police for information because they’re the ones who went to the scene of the incident to pick her up.

“It’s a sad and unfortunate development. Apart from being an officer, I’ve been a parent. I know what takes to train a child up to that level only for this to happen barely a month to the end of their service year. We’re not happy.

“We’ve given this sermon time and again. As a female corps member, you should keep your honour. You don’t need to be going after men all about. We’ve always told them to steer clear of any form of criminality.

“Being a corps member doesn’t confer immunity on you if you commit a crime. You can’t say, because you’re with the NYSC, you cannot be prosecuted. You have one year to spend. You owe your parents. Do your service and go.

“Don’t sell yourself cheap. I must sincerely say that what has happened is a huge embarrassment. It’s very sad.”

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