Car Dealer In SARS Net After Kidnappers Used His Account To Collect Ransom Money… Let’s all be careful especially at this time.

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Let’s be learning. This is a case currently at SARS office here in Enugu. The brother of one of the SARS officers gisted hubby.
A guy was kidnapped few days ago by some young boys. The kidnappers asked him to call his people and 2.5 million Naira was demanded. The family of the kidnapped guy agreed to the amount and asked that an account number be sent to them.
The kidnappers now went to motor dealer here in Enugu and priced a car, after much negotiations, they agreed on 2.5million naira. They asked him for his account number and promised to make a payment soonest. They now sent his account number to the family of the kidnapped guy. The family transferred the money to the motor dealer.
The kidnappers now went back to the motor dealer and told him that he should please forget about the car, that they have something urgent that needs to be attended to, that one of their father had an accident and is critically ill and they need the 2.5million naira.
The car dealer initially refused cos he was happy that he will make sales. They now told him to keep 500k and give them 2million that the matter is life and death and they don’t mind forfeiting 500k.
As a businessman, he felt it was a fair deal. They insisted that he gives them cash considering how it’s difficult getting into banks of recently due to COVID and that it’s very urgent. They begged and begged him, the man obliged them cos he sometimes does have cash in his office(he does bureau de change too). They collected the money and left.
By then they have released the kidnapped guy. The family of the guy got SARS involved and they traced the account number and arrested the car dealer.
The car dealer is at police cell now answering to a crime he knows nothing about. SARS roped him in for accepting 500k from someone in this hard time. They blamed him for not sensing that something was off because it’s difficult for anyone to just give you 500k for almost nothing. The car dealer is now being charged to court as an accomplice to kidnapping.
I wonder how he will pull through this. He doesn’t know any of the kidnappers.
Make God no shame us. Shine your eyes. Things dey happen now.

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