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Not many celebrities resurface to limelight after a long break in the dark. A couple of Nigerian celebrities started well, but no later than we realize, they vanish into thin air. Most of the time, they are never given another shot at fame no matter how hard they try, but it appears things are about to change.
The Nigerian entertainment scene woke up to the news of Cynthia Morgan’s (now Madrina) outburst against Jude Okoye, her former manager. In a live interview on Instagram, she alleged that Jude contributed to her long break outside the music scene and did not promote her while she was with Northside Entertainment. Amongst other claims, she also claimed that he took over Instagram and VEVO accounts while she was with them.
As expected, these allegations were not taken lightly as Jude Okoye rose in defence of his label. He released a copy of the contract, his label signed with the singer, and the details of the deal showed who should be blamed. The agreement clearly stated the terms of the agreement, but it appears Cynthia did not fully understand. The music label agreed to fund 100% of her activities but would deduct 50% of her earnings. Was this not fair enough a deal?
For a label that invests everything in you and expects only half of your profit, they surely deserve commendation. To be fair to the label, Jude did his bit and did not deserve the lashings from her. Joy Tongo, Cynthia Morgan’s former manager, also took to Twitter to lash out on the singer insinuating that nemesis may soon befall her.
With all that is happening now, I would say it is only a ploy for this singer to get back into the limelight. Since the initial outburst on May 24, 2020, she has trended on Twitter Ng under various hashtags. Hashtags like #bringbackcynthiamorgan in support of the singer surfaced soon after her live interview ended. Sandra Ogbebor recently opened a GoFundMe account to help the singer raise money to restart her career. Some days ago, a famous new generation bank extended their hand of partnership with her, and we expect that she soon accepts the offer.
Do you think all that has happened were mere coincidence? Wake up and think again. Her open letter, released on May 27, 2020, thanked all who supported her brand and formally introduced herself as “The Madrina.” #letterfromcynthiamorgan also trended on Twitter soon after the letter was released.
So, what do we expect from the Madrina in days and months to come? Firstly, I must commend her publicity stunt and congratulate her on her well-planned strategy. Madrina is coming back to the music scene with another kind of energy. She has captured her audience, and all that is left for her is to reel good music. Nigerians have given her another shot at fame, and it is expected that she puts in her best this time to forestall another name-calling drama in the future.
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