Abak Chairman #Debt Saga: Cleaner Who Was Molested By Chairman’s Police Orderly  Speaks On Video.

By Divine Sam (NewsieEvents):-
More troubles are beginning to pile up on a daily basis for the Executive Chairman of Abak LGA Akwa Ibom state Barr. Imo Williams.
This time the Chairman’s cleaner Mr Aniekeme Ibokette was beaten and manhandled by the chairman’s police orderly popularly known as Idong Uko.
He spoke to NEWSIE EVENTS in a video interview where he narrated the ordeal that befalls him at the resident of the Executive Chairman Barr. Imo Williams. He spoke in local dialects but we summed it up.

Chairman’s cleaner Mr Aniekeme Ibokette manhandled and beaten by Imo Williams Police orderly.

He said ” I went to the compound of my boss Hon Elder Barr. Imo Williams to seek help from him, considering the health condition of my father. When I arrived compound they refused to open the gate for me and the Chairman was at the veranda not as if he was busy.
” I knocked at the gate for several times and they refused to open for me, I stand at the gate and begin to shout and raise my voice that I am here to seek help from the Chairman who is indebted to me for over three months salary and that my father is lying helpless at home because there is no money, he could not be admitted into the hospital.”
“These were the things I said while pleading with the Chairman to come to my help even if it is a month’s salary. The next person I saw coming out from the compound was the police guard by name Idongesit Uko and I did not know that he was hiding his ‘Koboko’. When he came close to me the next action was for him to kick me, used his head on me when I fell down he began to flog me with the ‘Koboko’.
Chairman’s cleaner Mr Aniekeme Ibokette manhandled and beaten by Imo Williams Police orderly.

I have wounds all over my body, just that I don’t want to be naked in public. When I raised alarm people came out and asked why he is maltreating me as if I was caught stealing. This was after I have been beaten and my body sustained wounds all over,… the phone that my brother gave to me was destroyed completely before the people came and intervened.”

“I have not had any issue with the Chairman. Last year, when I was living with the Chairman, precisely at the security post and I fall terribly sick that I could not even go to the toilet for over a month and some weeks, the Chairman was fully aware of my situation but he showed no concern. When I reported the matter to the Vice-Chairman Hon. Lady Benita Ukpe who took over when the Chairman went on suspension, she asked me to apply for a loan, which I did and the money was approved and she took me to the hospital, pay the hospital bills and I was able to recover. When I came back, she gave some money to me to take care of myself. I have to show appreciation to her by writing on my Facebook page…., the Chairman came back from his suspension and gave me five months suspension which he recalled on this January 2020 and paid me on January salary. Since then, he has not paid me anything. I have to speak on this video in case anything happens to me, my family and the world at large will know where it came from and presently my life is in danger.”
Newsie Events correspondent in Akwa Ibom state learnt that before this menace occurred, Mr Aniekeme Ibokette has informed the council helmsman about the health condition of his father and how his father was not admitted in the hospital and lacked proper treatment for lack of financial compliance. But, the Chairman paid no attention to his outcry.
Mr. Ibokette, after some time without any positive response from his boss, began to disturb and lament ridiculously about the health of his father but all efforts proves abortive.
Our correspondent gathered that Mr Aniekeme Ibokette has to go out and do some menial job to enable him care for his sick father.
Aniekeme who also blows hurt regarding the speculation that the Chairman is trying to debunk that he was beaten but rather I was drunk, Aniekeme Ibokette reacted ” there was a day I was drunk which I have to stagger like a man though I fall on the bush and dirty my clothes, that was not the clothes I wear the day the Chairman’s police beat me up and I, therefore, urge Abak people and other members of the public to ignore this false information from the Chairman and his gangs.
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