Abak Chairman debt Saga. How thugs/security agents molested Aniekeme Ibokette on chairman’s order.

By Divine Sam:-

Barr. Imo Williams Executive Chairman Abak local government Area Akwa Ibom state

In continuation with the Abak Chairman Debt Saga, one Mr Aniekeme Ibokette was reported to have been held ‘hostage’ in the resident of the Executive Chairman of Abak LGA Akwa Ibom state Barr Imo Williams.
Mr Aniekeme Ibokette who is one the Chairman’s aide was mercilessly molested by some security agents and thugs acting on the instructions of the embattled Council boss Barr. Imo Williams.
The report narrated that the reason for the attack was because, since 2020 the Chairman has bluntly refused to pay his aides who among them is Mr. Aniekeme Ibokette whose father has been on sick bed in the hospital without regular feeding and care.
Newsie Events correspondent in Akwa Ibom state learnt that Mr Aniekeme Ibokette has informed the council helmsman about the health condition of his father and how his father has been hospitalized but lacked proper treatment because of funds. But, the Chairman paid no attention to his outcry.
Mr. Ibokette, after some time without any positive response from his boss, began to disturb and lament ridiculously about the health of his father but all efforts proves abortive.
Mr Aniekeme Ibokette

Our correspondent gathered that Mr Aniekeme Ibokette has to go out and do some menial job to enable him care for his sick father.
NEWSIE EVENT was told that because of the circumstances of the present COVICD-19 stay at home order, there have been less menial jobs and it affected Mr Aniekeme Ibokette in taking care of his father. This prompted him to go back to the council helmsman and requested for at least one month salary, only for the Chairman to instruct his security agents and thugs to manhandled the poor Aniekeme Ibokette that he sustained some cuts on his body, they destroyed his phone and later throw him out of the compound.
When our correspondent probed on the matter to know the rationale behind the Chairman’s actions, he learnt that the Chairman has been pointing fingers on Mr Aniekeme Ibokette, accusing him of conspiracy with one of his aides supporting Mr Uwem Obot the furniture maker who the Chairman is indebted to #2.8m.
He also accused the poor boy to have been the person giving information to NEWSIE EVENT correspondent and other media platforms about his operations in the council.
Our correspondent was told that the Chairman has been waiting for such a day when Mr Aniekeme will come to demand his salary.
This news media was also informed that some aides to the Chairman have been prevented and restricted from entering the Chairman’s compound since the furniture maker began raising alarm to recover his #2.8m from the Executive Chairman.

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