Abak Chairman in a #1.3m Emblem fraud.

… Kufre Etim Chairman’s in-law Raises Alarm
By Divine Sam- :
The executive Chairman of Abak LGA Mr. Imo Williams is always on the news regarding his fraudulent activities in Abak Local Government Council
This time an in-law to the executive chairman Mr. Kufre Etim who the council helmsman duped in amount worth #1.3m is set to wear one trouser leg with the council boss failure to pay his #1.3m debt.
Narrating the matter to some newsmen in Abak Mr. Kufre Etim said ” I was appointed the chairman of Emblem
On 4th May 2018, for Abak Local Government Council and on this day, the executive chairman Mr. Imoh Williams called me at about 9am, Elder Barr Imoh Williams in our conversation he asked me to bring the sum of 100 thousand Naira to his PA, Charles Umoh popularly called Charlie if I want to maintain my position as the Emblem Chairman and I hurriedly took the 100k to Charles Umoh for Imoh Williams the council helmsman.
On May 18th, Imoh Williams also called and asked me to go and pay in the sum of 200 thousand Naira to the Council Account so that he can give me the appointment and the approval to start printing Emblems else he was going to take the 200 thousand Naira from someone else retrieved my job and terminate the appointment I rushed to Diamond bank and paid in that money for Imoh Williams I still have the teller of payment in my house
After the payment, I went to Chairman’s house on the 19th of May 2018 and asked him for the receipt for the 200 thousand that I have paid but the chairman told me that he cannot give me receipt secondly, that he cannot betray me because I am his In-law my wife is from Ikot Akpabio’s Village and Imoh Williams was the Vice Chairman of our traditional marriage.
On 28th May 2018, Imoh Williams called me and demanded 500 thousand Naira cash to advance for the Emblem for 2019 and he also told me that he doesn’t want to take that money from anyone and I went and borrowed the 500 thousand Naira with interest from Mr. Israel Okon Udoekong and made a cash payment to Imoh Williams at his Compound in Abak.
On 12th October 2018, Imoh Williams called me and asked me to bring another 500 thousand Naira to balance the other 500 thousand that he collected from me that it was the season to start printing the Emblem.
Imoh Williams also instructed me to go and pay in this 500 thousand Naira to the Council account at Diamond bank and I went and paid in that 500 thousand Naira on October 18th, 2018.
On October 19th, I went to the chairman Imo Williams to get the appointment letter and the approval to start printing the Emblems but Imoh Williams told me that it is not yet time for the appointment letter as an Inlaw, I left without arguing with him.
On November 8th, 2018, Kufre Etim went back for the appointment letter and the approval to print the Emblems but the chairman still refused and told me that he has already given that Emblem job to someone else who is Mr. Sunday Ekong who happens to come from Afaha Obong.
I went to Nsikan Williams the Chairman’s younger brother and Nsikan asked me to bring him 40 thousand Naira that he will talk to his brother the chairman to terminate the other guy’s appointment and give it to him and I went and borrowed 40 thousand Naira and took it to Nsikan Williams the Chairman’s younger brother.
On January 2nd, 2019, I came to realize that Emblem’s job that Imoh Williams collected 1.3 Million Naira from me was given to his brother Nsikak Williams who collected 40 thousand Naira from me and Nsikan Williams is a civil servant who is also in charge of entire Abak LGA Sanitation.
After Imoh Williams had dumped me and collected all this money from me, he threatened me that he is a Lawyer and that I cannot do anything to him to retrieve my money from him”
My number to reach me is here 07033002128. Kufre pissed off.
He called on the governor Deacon Udom Emmanuel to come to his rescue and order the chairman to pay off my #1.3 debt and also caution the so-called chairman to do away with all his fraudulent and duping which may likely lead to a serious protest against his dubious lifestyle as an ordained Elder of Qua Iboe Church.

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