Abak LGA Chairman debt Saga: Youth group curses Imo Williams over statements and attacks.

… Confirm that the council helmsman insulted Gov. Udom Emmanuel
… Uwem Obot aggressively demands his debt of #2.8m
By Divine Sam:-

Abak Chairman and Mr Uwem Obot

The effort for Mr Uwem Obot to recover his #2.8m debt from Barr Imo Williams the Executive Chairman of Abak LGA Akwa Ibom state gathers momentum as various groups and individuals have shown their support.
This time a non-socio cultural Organisation in Afahaobong, the native home of the Chairman has vehemently kicked against the action of the council helmsman towards Mr Obot the carpenter.
The group known as Afahaobong youth solidarity for good Governance appropriately registered with Corporate Affairs Commission and headed by Mr Otobong Thompson has angrily opposed the Chairman and asked him to pay the furniture maker the #2.8m.
4 blocks office complex renovated by Mr Uwem Obot.

The leader of the group made it known that the council helmsman is suffering from the negative curses bestowed on him by the people he has duped and fraud without conscience.
He said, ” Imo Williams is a cursed man, he is on a excruciation of his dubious debt lifestyles to almost everybody in Abak LGA, his petition has filled the basket of NBA both at the local government and state, people has petition him left right and centre to recover their money in his hand, and he would have not escaped not for Ekerette Inyang he is insulting today that gave him the office he is occupying.”
“Imo Williams is too arrogant and that is why he is going through this agony. People’s curses are upon him and his family and he will die with it.”
“Imo Williams is such a desperate politician, he has treacherously dealt with Gov. Udom Emmanuel, Imo has fought with the governor over local government Autonomy, … Imo Williams has led over nine chairmen of the council in the state during the 2019 General Elections to meet with Nsima Ekere in Port Harcourt who was the candidate of All Progressive Congress in Akwa Ibom state. Imo Williams has attacked the governor on several occasions, this is the same man who has never driven a vehicle of #1m in his entire life but when the governor gave Prado cheep worth about #40m to local government Chairmen Imo Williams criticised the governor, Imo is an ingrate!”
Mr. Thompson said, “even when Imo Williams is his brother from the same clan, I can never support him in his evil activities. Those supporting him want to milk from him and they don’t love him including his own brothers especially his chief of staff and immediate younger brother Isaiah Williams.
He said, “unfortunately for Imo the native doctor who injected debt into his bloodstream has died meaning that his debt sickness and virus has no cure.”
Oto said, “the actions of the council helmsman to unleash thugs against those supporting the Carpenter to recover his debt and saying that it’s the council that is indebted to the furniture maker shows that Imo Williams is nothing but a fraudster.”
He narrated how the council helmsman owed his brother-in-law, the husband to his elder sister who died and was buried last year as a result of the debt fiasco that occurred between Imo and her husband. Imo Williams is evil Otobong provoked!.
He said, “I am not afraid of his thugs! let them come am eagerly waiting for them. wondering why Imo has decided to engage thugs in debt that he owes instead of finding solutions to pay off the furniture maker Mr Uwem Obot.
In the other hand, the furniture maker is aggressively blowing alarms calling on the council helmsman to stop saying the council is responsible for his money. Who is the head of the council? he asked.
Mr Uwem Assian as fondly called maintain that the council helmsman has two options, either he kills him or he pays him the money. He said, ” because I am ready to die or I collect my money.”
Imo Williams, pay me my money let me settle those I am also indebted to as a result of the four office complex you renovated.

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