Nollywood Actress Iretiola Doyle Warns People To Be Careful On Nigerian Twitter, Says It Can Be Destructive.

By Chinenye Festus:-
Over the years, social media platforms have served as a channel where people cry out for help in the hope that they would gain the world’s attention and eventually get help.
Of all the platforms, Twitter has become a major place where people, especially Nigerian youths share their stories. While some share false stories to gain attention, others share their true life stories and some may even come on the platform to seek help.
Renowned Nollywood actress Iretiola Doyle thinks otherwise as she has made a case against the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter. According to her, for people who come to share their stories, it is rarely about getting justice.
The film actress noted that some people were indeed doing good works on the platform, however, Twitter is rarely about giving justice to people. The screen goddess noted that it is more about destruction.
Sadly, not everyone who comes on the platform for help gets it. While some get it, they are quickly reminded of their matter whenever they do or say something that does not please other people..
It is no wonder the actress is warning people to be careful of how they interact or share things on the platform. According to her, it is rarely about justice. See her tweet below:

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