Breaking: Malaysian Based Nigerian Pastor In Police Net For Sleeping With His 10 Year Old Step Daughter Since 2017 (Video) Photos)

By Newsie Events:-
A Nigeria man in his 50s, identified as Blessed Ugo Onyeka has been arrested by the Royal Malaysian Police after his wife, an Indian Malaysian reported to the police that he was sleeping with her daughter behind her back.
According to the report from a source, Pastor Ugo as he is popularly addressed has been having canal knowledge of the little girl since 2017. The incident happened in Damansara Damai, a suburb located on the northern side of Petaling district in Selangor.
Newsie Events reliably gathered that pastor Ugo told the little girl not to tell anyone about their affair, that she will die any day she opened her mouth to tell anyone about it. He created fear into the girl and made her keep the secret for so long.
The source said that the girl was been taken to UPPM for proper examination and it was found to be truth that pastor ugo has been molesting the girl and he has equally confessed to that.
Meanwhile, mothers are hereby advised to always ask their little ones who touched them. It was the question that revealed the atrocities the pastor has been committing …, “the mother of the girl noticed changes in her daughter and she asked her who touched her and she opened up” the source said.
Pastor Ugo has now been arrested by the police.

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