Coronavirus latest: Spain becomes fourth most infected nation

Spain became the fourth most infected nation in the world after reporting 1,000 new cases of coronavirus in the country, bringing them to a total of 8,744.
In neighbouring France, the country’s national health director Jérôme Salomon said on Monday that the situation in the country was “very worrying” and “deteriorating rapidly”.
“Many people have not understood that you have to stay at home,” Salomon said on Monday in an interview with France Inter, adding that this has prevented the country from slowing down the epidemic.
President Emmanuel Macron is set to speak tonight amid speculation that the country could impose more confinement measures.
France has a total of 5,423 cases, with 127 deaths recorded.
It comes as the death toll in Europe surpassed 2,000, with several countries reporting sobering increases.
Italy recorded 368 deaths in 24 hours due to coronavirus, bringing the total number dead to 1,809. In Spain, the death toll doubled in a day. A total of 297 people have died in the country.
Western Europe has been slowing down activity significantly amidst the case increases, with Italy and Spain already under full lockdown. Germany, meanwhile, partially closed its borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Denmark.
At the global level, coronavirus cases have surpassed those in China.
At least 88,000 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed worldwide, compared with 81,000 in China, according to a count of cases by researchers at Johns Hopkins University.

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