Putin Wins higher,… to remain in Power Till 2036.

By Divine Sam:-
The Russians, on Wednesday, take another decision over who governs them till 2036.
The Russians cast their vote in a countrywide referendum on constitutional amendments in favor of the incumbent President Vladimir Putin to continue holding his post till 2036.
The citizens on Wednesday voted in favor of the country’s political status quo, the preliminary results have predicted.
Putin to remain in power till 2036
Putin to remain in power till 2036
Russia went to polls on Wednesday to cast vote in a countrywide referendum on constitutional amendments. With this win Putin will continue to remain president till 2036, CNN reported.
The turnout for the vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution reached to 64.99 percent by 5 pm (local time), Sputnik reported while stating data published by the Central Election Commission. The turnout includes the votes cast from June 25 until polls close at 8 pm (local time).
The vote seeks to introduce amendments to Russia’s 1993 Constitution, which will include protecting the institution of marriage, setting children as a priority of Russia’s domestic policy, and an obligation to support and protect Russia’s culture.
The amendments also include a limit of two consecutive six-year terms for the president of the Russian Federation. The provision applies to the president at the time the legal changes enter into force, not taking into account the number of terms previously served in this position, thus paving the way for President Vladimir Putin to run again after his current term ends in 2024, Sputnik reported.

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