Abak Awakens To Tsunamic Impeachment By Councilors; The End Of Pharaoh Imo Williams, A Disgrace To Qua Iboe Church By Divine Sam

Debtor, Elder, Barr., Pharaoh Imo Williams literally got mad two weekends ago, pinching himself to be sure it wasn’t a bad dream as he berates his brothers and some of his blind aides for misleading him with fake intelligence into believing that the actions and attempt to impeach him by the councilors he has oppressed for almost getting to three years were not serious. This is because, in his mindset, he feels they do not exist as far as he’s the chairman of the council.
The rude awakening of councilors I guessed was injected and inflicted with juju by the wicked Elder of Qua Iboe Church so that even when they see him, they couldn’t say anything because the poison has lived in them to the extent that even when their oppressor was victimized on a suspension by the House of Assembly, they still couldn’t speak out.
The rude awakening of councilors came from the earth-quaking plot by the Qua Iboe Church shameless fraudster Pharaoh Elder Imo Williams to escape out of council without paying their allowance but to me this medicine after death.
The Councilors on Monday 29th June 2020 staged a signal to the start of their aggressiveness which certainly will emanate to an impeachment of their number one opponent if they could take the bulls by the horns and pass a vote of no confidence on him then, it is very possible for the impossible to be the next point of agenda.
Truly speaking Abak LGA is not peaceful and there can never be peace for the wicked irrespective of the greasing of palms of the commissioner of police during the security meeting with stakeholders, and play politics that Abak is one of the peaceful places.
I consider this as irony. Therefore, I am challenging Imo Williams to come out here to mention one outstanding project he has initiated to completion level or any projects like the legislative Chambers without being engulfed with huge debt.
Imo Williams collected a total of #35m from the traders that he wants to drain flood out of the market and up till now that project has not been executed and the money has not been refunded.
On hearing of his impeachment process, Imo William shivered in bouts of the shock of which by now his clump of aides and his overnight rich brothers would have gathered to start ranting on his behalf that all was well, that the beach sands of human heads at the councilors plenary were mere APC supporters as he usually accuses, but mercenaries shipped in with anger to bid him farewell forcefully out of office visibly seething with rage and no mercy.
Imo Williams should at this juncture know time is set for his back to touch the ground.
This very Elder of the Qua Iboe Church is calling those he knew can answer him for help but unfortunately, no positive responses are coming for him.
I want to challenge Imo Williams to come out here and show us his legacies and what he will be remembered for in few months to come.
When Imo Williams came on board in 2017/2018 he condemned Barr. Emmanuel Udon’e era projects as caricatures and make-believe that soon arrived with he was coming for a rescue mission.
Certainly, Imo Williams had failed disastrously, hence these panic moves and should be impeached.

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