Nigerian Man Marvels At Calls, Messages Received To Congratulate Him Even Though He’s Not The One In The Picture, But A LookAlike.

By Newsie Events:-
A young Nigerian Businessman who is based outside the country and identifies his name as Destiny has reacted to the picture of a man with a very striking resemblance to him who bought his wife a new Mercedes Benz.
According to the news which was reported by Newsie Events, Yabaleft, and Social Media medium, the man wrote” She made my dreams come true” – Man says as he gifts his wife a Mercedes car for making him a father”.
Destiny, after getting called up by many friends and family members, decided to reach out to the medium which equally published the news.

In his message via messenger, he wrote, ” Hi Bro, I greet you, Sir.
There’s one picture you posted here, a guy that got a car for his wife.
Please I don’t know if you can help me reach him, I will pay, please. He really looks like my twins’ brother because we look alike very well.
Even the day you posted it, many have been calling me on phone, congrats me which I told them that am not the one, even now they are still calling”

Destiny is, therefore, using this medium to let his friends and family know that he’s not the one in the picture. He also said that he would like to meet with the guy in the picture.


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