Abak Chairman’s effort to assassinate media practitioner meets Waterloo.

…As Concerned Indigenes of Atai Otoro send a warning message to the Chairman.
By Oluyole Omotola
The Concerned Indigenes of Atai Otoro Abak LGA has sent a serious warning to the embattled executive chairman of Abak LGA regarding his recent attempt to implicate a Media practitioner on the police net after a failed petition.
Mr. Isonguyo Iniodu is the publisher of VOICE OF ABAK (VOA) newspaper and one of the respected journalist in Akwa Ibom state who recently decided to highlight the atrocities of the council helmsman Mr. Imo Williams and his fraudulent activities in the council pointing to the so-called second term ambition of the fraud executive chairman.
NEWSIE EVENT correspondent gathered that the Publisher of the Newspaper Mr. Isonguyo Iniodu has attracted human interest and sympathy on what could be the reason behind the fraudulent activities by the council boss.
It was learned that few days later, the debt owing council Chairman arraigned the resident of Mr. Isonguyo Iniodu with some policemen to arrest him but on arrival, the officers could not meet Mr. Iniodu to execute their paid mission.
Furthermore, few days after the failure of the police to arraigned Mr. Iniodu, some hired assassins and paid thugs of the chairman invaded Mr. Iniodu’s compound at the early hours of Monday 29th June 2020 to perform the Chairman’s wish but all efforts proved abortive as Mr. Isonguyo Iniodu was not found at home.
Meanwhile, the Concerned Indigenes of Atai Otoro village a non-political organization headed by Mr. Isonguyo Iniodu as the international president has sent a serious warning to the executive Chairman to leave Mr. Isonguyo Iniodu alone but find lasting solutions to paying off his debt that is alarming everywhere.
In a release jointly signed by the secretary, Mr. Ata Peter, and the director Media and publicity Mr. Divine Sam, caution the debt fraudster Chairman to channel his thuggery prowess towards paying debt, otherwise if anything happens to Mr. Isonguyo Iniodu the Concerned Indigenes will hold the executive Chairman Mr. Imo Williams responsible.

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