Councillorship Election: Atai Otoro village send signal to Friday Iwok, warn him to keep off.

… Enough is enough of your uninterrupted humiliation against Atai Otoro Village, we will not entertain any form of an imposition, to hell with politics of selfishness
… We are not afraid of you –
Concerned indigenes of Atai Otoro
By Divine Sam:-
Ahead of the forthcoming councillorship election in Otoro ward 1 which is now the turn of Atai Otoro Village to produce the next councilor that Will represent the ward at the Abak legislative council, Abak LGA Akwa Ibom state

Mr. Friday Iwok immediate past House of Assembly member

The people under the auspices of the Concerned Indigenes of Atai Otoro has sent a serious warning to the immediate past House of Assembly member Mr. Friday Iwok to stay clay and keep off against imposition otherwise faces the imminent danger that Will portrays the consequences of his attempt to interrupt the affairs of Atai Otoro Village.
The people of Atai Otoro Village in Abak Local Government Area also reacted to the recently published list of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ward and Chapter Executive, accusing the immediate past Member of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Elder Friday Iwok for marginalizing Atai Otoro Village.
In a press release issued at the end of an enlarged meeting of the Concerned Indigenes of Atai Otoro which took place on Sunday at Government School, Atai Otoro and signed by the Secretary-General, Mr. Attah Peter, Mr. Saviour Mboho, Mr. Sunday Jonah and 23 others, the Concerned Indigenes blamed Elder Iwok for including his wife, Mrs. Grace Iwok, a Senior Director in the State Civil Service as the Chapter Treasurer of the Party few months after returning from the State House of Assembly where he spent 8 years, describing it as the highest level of selfishness.
The group lamented that Otoro Ward 1 list as published by the party, Atai Otoro, the largest Village with 3 political units is left empty while Abiaokpo with 2 units, Ikot Oku Mfang (1 Unit) and Ikot Essien Etok (1 Unit) are well represented.
According to the release, Abiaokpo Village presently has the PDP Ward Chairman, Hon. Monday Dick, Chairman PDP Elders Forum, Otoro Ward 1, Elder Iko Elijah, PDP Chapter Treasurer, Mrs. Grace Iwok, Chief Press Secretary to the State Deputy Governor, Pastor Ekikere Umoh, Otoro Clan Youth President, Engr. Ekpedeme, immediate past Councilor, Hon. Oto-Abasi Okon Akpan, immediate past two-term Member of the State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Friday Iwok among other positions.
Ikot Oku Mfang, the release hinted has the PDP Ward Vice Chairman, Hon. Mrs. Bessie Amos, the PDP Ward Secretary, Mr. Emmanuel Okorie, immediate Past PDP Senatorial Woman Leader who is now the new State Assistant Secretary of the Party, Mrs. Useneno Tom, Supervisor for Agriculture, Abak Local Government Council, Hon. Emem Westgarth while Ikot Essien Etok Village has the present Councilor, Rt. Hon. Victor John returned to the same office he occupied about 17 years ago, leaving Atai Otoro which always produce 50 percent of the total votes cast in the ward empty.
Most worrisome, according to the Concerned Indigenes was that the only key position occupied by an indigene of Atai Otoro before the publication of the new list was the PDP Ward Vice Chairman, Mr. Effiong Jonah who was relegated to the position of Ex-officio 5 on the new list by Elder Iwok.
The Concerned Indigenes noted that Elder Iwok has always been against Atai Otoro occupying any key position.
They recalled that a few years ago, Elder Iwok terminated the tenure of the then Chairman of the PDP Elders Forum in the Ward, late Hon. Friday Utang, an indigene of Atai Otoro and handed it over to Elder Iko Elijah an indigene of Abiaokpo Village.
“Recently, after it was confirmed that the next Youth President of Otoro Clan should emerge from Otoro Ward 1, the only Village with a recognized Youth President was Atai Otoro. But instead of allowing the position to come to Atai Otoro, Elder Iwok hurriedly appointed Engr. Ekpedeme as the Youth President of Abiaokpo Village and took him to the Clan Head who is also the Paramount Ruler of Abak and presented him as the Clan Youth President”, the release read in part.
On the forthcoming local government election, the Concerned Indigenes of Atai Otoro warned the former State Lawmaker against imposing anybody on them, stressing that since it is the turn of Atai Otoro Village to produce the next Councilor of the Ward, the people should be given free hand to chose who they want.
They regretted that the last two Councilors imposed on them by Elder Iwok have not attracted anything positive to the Ward.
On the claim that Elder Iwok is the political leader of the area, the Concerned Indigenes dismissed the claim as untrue, pointing out that anybody who thinks he is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk.

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