Second Term Desperation: Abak Chairman betrays Eastern Annang, join forces with NASS member over imposition of PDP Chapter Executives.

By Divine Sam:-
… as community give him a 90-day ultimatum to install electricity otherwise…
There is no place for an argument that desperation can lure anyone into unchristian conduct in other to achieve his selfish ambitions at the detriments of others.
This believed is not far fetch from what is going on in Abak LGA following the second term ambition of the incumbent Executives Chairman of the area Barr. Imo Williams.
The perceived second term aspiration has turned Barr. Williams into excessive desperation that he is ready to succumb to anything he feels will help him survive his re-election bid.
As a result of this, the council’s helmsman at the just concluded PDP chapters congress, he betrayed the people of Eastern Annang where he came from.
This news medium gathered that Barr Williams is ready to bow to any conditions from among the kingmakers in Abak that will show him the way out to succeed in the office for another 3 years.
Thus the red eyes and desperate politician finally mellows down to the Abak Urban political traitor and member representing Abak federal constituency at the green chambers of the National Assembly Mr. Aniekan Umanah to join forces against the political gladiators of Eastern Annang to imposed the Chapter Executives of the party in favour of Aniekan Umanah and the Abak Urban.
The news medium also gathered that the legal practitioner cum politician decided to punch down
Obiobom Village in Abak LGA Akwa Ibom state has finally come out with a resolution against giving out their total supports to a Government that will not have the interest of the Obiobom village at heart.
They also resolved that any Government from the state to the local government level that is not ready to work with the people of the community by appointing a son and daughter of the area into the administration will never have their supports.
The decision is already taking effect beginning from the sitting administration at the local government council lead by Barr. Imo Williams who is perceived to have eye and nurture ambition for a second term in office.
unfortunately, the said second term is already running on wheels of difficulties following the drastic of Obiobom village sending him signals which signifies that they will never give the council HELMSMAN their supports for another term unless he meets up with their conditions and demands of providing electricity, gradation of the community bad roads and facilitates the are with water projects.
One of the indigenes of the area Mr. Itoro Ekong noted with grievances that all the villages in Abak Urban 1v has gotten electricity and benefited from Government interventional projects except Obiobom Village.
He regretted that even when the area has been fully participating in the election and cast their votes to Government candidates but according to the decision of the Government yet the village has been left out without a single projects.
He said indigenes from Obiobom village has been appointed to work in the council or been any exco of the ward in the party, “we do not just recognize, no political appointment, no elected position, nothing in everything simply because Obiobom is not civilised.
Obiobom people voted the incumbent chairman Barr Imo Williams and gave him their maximum supports but whenever we go to him for help concerning the light issue, “he gave us deaf ears and sometimes failed to give us listening ears”
He said presently “there is No light, No water, No Primary School, No Market, we are just left out completely”. nobody to speak for us even in the recent ward Congress of the party which elected new excos from the ward there is nobody from obiobom, is as if we are not part of the local government area.
He said meanwhile there are schools in other villages in the ward, there is Primary School in Abak Itenge,
Primary and secondary school in Ikot Ekang, some villages the Government has built them a village town halls.
He said the leaders of the ward are showing less concerned when it comes to Obiobom matter.
Mr Ekong noted that the only time you see politicians come to Obiobom is during political season because they understand coming to canvas for votes and when we give them they ran away with our votes.
He sighted instances like the present Executive Chairman Barr. Imo Williams who he described as a disappointment to the people of the area, Obiobom village has not benefited anything from him even when we go to him begging him to provide us with electricity till date he has not given us a positive response, we are still living in the dark without electricity. We know he will come again and we too have prepared, waiting the day he will come.

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