‘Everyone Fights A Battle You Never Know About’ By NaomiMeliki

Never compare what you were or what you are going thru with others. Everyone is fighting their own battles that we never know..
The things that look small and easy for you might look big and difficult for others…
The case may be the same but the chain of reaction of every person is different. Everyone has their own perspective of life, they have their own way to see things and react to things.
You can’t just waltz in and say ” eh that’s nothing compare to mine” no…
For example, you lost someone you love, maybe you won’t take a long time to grieve and heal and move one, but for some people, it takes a long time to just end their grieve and go to the stage of healing.. but it doesn’t mean they are weak or wrong, they are just simply different from you…
1+4 =5 but so is 2+3 =5.. it doesn’t mean one is wrong other is right. We need to realize that what we applied to ourselves might not work for others because they are not us.
Yes, you can give advice, support, motivation, to motivate others and make them go forward… But do it in a gentle way, in a way that none will get hurt or feel like they are being belittled by you.
Instead of saying ” oh no, that’s wrong” much better you say ” that was great, but what if you do…” Same purpose, just a different way of delivering it…
Everyone has different immune system, coping mechanism, defence strategy and different ways to react to life.. not everyone’s going to be as tough as you, as strong as you, as quick as you, has a strong steel heart and strong mental condition like you…
Be gentle, be kind .. and maybe, just maybe.. they will listen to what you say / advice better, and you will actually help/save them.

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