…I have learnt to be strong by ignoring people who cannot change my life…

Chioma Ikem

It was a thing of great joy that moment the Ishmaelite paid to have Joseph. All that was in his brothers’ mind is, ‘Yes, all of those his dreams are gone with him. let him go and die a slave”. This is how most people look at you when they walk away from you. They will look at all your limits and circumstances and conclude that no one would come to your aid. The word of God says, ‘I am your ever-present help in times of need”.
Your blessing is not in people who quit on you.
Why do you cry when someone who is not in position to help you say something about your situation?
A man shouted at another man driving, ‘Take this rubbish out of the road’ and the other man said to him, ‘Why not replace the rubbish as a good man you are?”.
I have seen single ladies cried because someone called them single woman. Why crying for someone who is not in position to marry you?
A man said to another man, ‘You cannot afford to live in my kind of house”. The other man smiled and said, ‘I am too comfortable with where I live that I am not worried about where you live”.
Always know how to handle people who are more helpless to help you.
Anyone who cannot help you should not bring you to tears.
I have many reasons for not calling most people on phone. Why spend time calling someone who does not have a plan to call you even in the next ten years except he hears news about you?
Don’t let the wrong people overgrow in your mind. Hit the ‘clean’ button. Set yourself in order.
Don’t be distracted by those who are not going to make contribution to your life.
If someone who is not going the same direction with you questions your own direction, there is no need to bother answering.
A man picked offence on another man inside a taxi and he began to call the man names. The other man never said a word. When the man that was silent got down at a particular bus stop with one of the passengers, the passenger asked him, ‘Why didn’t you say a word over everything the other man said to you? “, he looked at the man and said, “I knew that I wasn’t going to the same place with him. Now, I am here and he is there, what sense would it have made if I have spent the energy I will walk home with on someone who I may not meet again in my entire lifetime?”
Most of us lock our doors and cry for a relationship that ended two years ago. Anything that is not adding to your life should not put a load on your mind.
A young lady looked at a man and said, ‘I don’t deal with men like you’. The man said to her, ‘You are right. Men like me are always in their senses and would not descend so low to deal with women like you”.
There is always a way to put the wrong people on their spot.
If you want to kill yourself when someone walks away, it shows you have been blind to see your true worth.
A good life does not deserve a place with the wrong people.
Where there is grace, the laws for newcomers don’t rule.
Isaac was a newcomer in Gerar but the land obeyed him as it never obeyed its long occupants. In the same year he came, he reaped. a hundredfold of harvest.
If God has given you one person you can trust, it’s more important than trusting one million wrong persons.
Don’t swim with the numbers. Find just the right person. That would be enough for the journey ahead.
The widow of Zarephath was enough for God to reach His prophet, Elijah. If God wants to reach you, He may need one right person and He will handpick him or her for you.
The blessing is in your spirit and not with the man or woman that just left. Open your mouth and make affirmation that you are the source of your own destiny. Declare bigger blessings to unveil in your life. Stop seeing yourself light in people that don’t need you.
Stop the wrong people before they stop you. Anyone who cannot stand for your blessing will do the opposite.
Written By Chioma Ikem

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