We have had people from different nations, race, cultures and backgrounds that would never be forgotten, maybe for the good or otherwise they have done. Likewise, we have had people of great values whose impact will never be forgotten for the great impact and meaning they gave to life in our world.
Living a life full of impact and meaning isn’t easy as we may conceive it. We have to be broken, remolded, and then come out stronger. No great thing is easy to achieve, you have to pay the price for what degree of impact you want to make. Whatever good thing that is yet to be done, its wisdom to know that there is a price for it.
You don’t need to have it all to start making an impact. Focus more on what you build and not what you buy, it helps you appreciate the experience. Pay more attention to what you share with the world and not what you have to yourself alone, it helps you understand people’s pain. While building your capacities, work more on your character as people would learn from you as much as how comfortable they feel around you. Even as we succeed, what’s the essence if it has no significance on the people around us?
You may be the solution to that problem you see. Ask for help if you need it. Do not focus on who is getting things done but the fact that good things are being done. Don’t give up, don’t overlook what you see, stay on your purpose!
You don’t need all the money, fame, connections in the world to make great impacts. Great minds focus on what they have at a time and maximize impact with it. What is great does not necessarily mean the whole world will even know about it, it is maximizing greatness wherever you are and with whatever you have Everyone can have and make an impact!
Writer: Amuda Wasiu Hassan

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