It is heartbreaking to see thousands of graduates out there who are still looking for jobs everywhere. Would you have worked to build other’s businesses in 5 years or your’s? Receiving a salary decreases your courage to take the risk of your business breakthrough.
What has the school done to us that we see it as a norm to job hunt and continue to move from jobs to jobs after school?
People spend many hours for many years working in a company and when they get sacked, it’s like they are starting from the beginning again.
Majority of jobs nowadays are modern form of slavery. They take all your time from you, pay you less and deprive you of that important time that you need to develop yourself, revise your own goal and work towards it.
People believe they can start a business and grow it well in 5 years but they complain about capital as a factor. My question now is, after working for some years to save up the capital they need for the business, why didn’t they quit their jobs and begin what they believe in? Is it that the salary becomes security for their immediate fear of unemployment?
People are taking the risk to start something, no matter how small that may grow into an empire. Do we still want to keep securing our fear of unemployment and keep working for such people that can take risks? Why not be among those people too and maybe someday employ others too?
We shouldn’t continue this way. It is true that we may have big dreams but where and how we begin also matter. So if you are working for someone now, don’t forget the big dream.
Was your dream from the beginning to keep working this way till you retire? Let’s review what made us seek for jobs in the beginning and let’s not forget to work towards it.
However not everyone will end up building a business empire, it is not a smooth journey. If it was, everyone would be there. If you continue with focus and with the right attitude, you should get there! The beginning is always the toughest, stay positive and strong.
Amuda Wasiu Hassan

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