It is true that there is convenience in our comfort zones but there is no growth in it. The best of things don’t happen in our comfort zones as we are so confined to the setting. Going outside of comfort zones is not easy, something must have called for it.
Whatever it is must-have hit us hard before we can consider leaving our comfort zones to try something in a larger zone. Maybe we were motivated or challenged by the situations we have faced, all of them have an underline thirst for growth.
The following should guide us outside our comfort zones: We should know the reason for going outside our comfort zones and understand it well enough. This is very important as it will always be our motivation even when there are no other things to motivate us. Let us know the reasons and keep it to heart. It will always be our driving force when we are stuck and can’t move on.
It is always easy to see the negative things and count reasons why we can’t do well outside our comfort zones because we feel there are so many people that have got things better than we do. Instead, let us focus on the positives, the good we can do, build, analyze the negatives and see how we can manage them effectively. There is nothing we can not learn, unlearn and relearn.
We love to cover our shame. We do not like people to know that we are beginners. It is a great thing to have a new goal at any time, at any age and to be taught by anyone. it is a greater thing to embrace achieving this goal outside all limitations and comfort. There is nothing to be shy about. If we are shy, we won’t learn well and on time.
We should understand that things take time with good effort and even longer with indiscipline. We should be disciplined enough to take responsibility for what we do. We may feel like we are getting enough results compared to our efforts, it’s normal at the beginning. Let us not focus too much on results at the beginning, let’s focus on doing the things we need to do well then the result will show.
Results are consequences of every action so let us focus on our actions.We are going to make mistakes, we will be discouraged, we will be rejected, things may look not good enough, we will lack motivation, but, our reasons for starting maybe our only motivation. During this time, we should not quit, things can only get better when we put in more efforts. It is then we discover that we can actually do more than we knew. Champions are not made in their comfort zones, let’s go out of our limitations!
Writer: Amuda Wasiu Hassan

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