Abak LGA Chairman Challenges Udom Emmanuel, Blames Governor Over Poor Council Allocation.

By Divine Sam:-

The Chairman of Abak LGA Barr. William’s Imo And Executive Governor Of Akwa Ibom state Emmanuel Udom

While members of the state Executive council and the PDP family at large in Akwa Ibom state are cajoling the public with false information and working tirelessly to cover up some lapses and mistakes of the governor in the state, the executive Chairman of Abak LGA Barr. Imo Williams is not in line to this effect.
The council helmsman has severally been reported to have lay series of complaints and ridiculous lamention on the poor allocations that the governor has been disbursing to Abak local government council under his administration.
Mr Uwem Edet Obot a furniture maker made this revelation that the debt owing Chairman has always heaped allegations on the state governor whom he accused of almost leaving Abak Local Government council with zero allocation and pointing hands at him to have been the reason behind his inability to pay the #2.8m debt he is indebted to Mr Obot popularly known as Uwem Assian.
Picmix: The governor, the chairman of Abak LGA, Mr Uwem and the renovated office block complex

Recall that some renovations of about four dilapidated office complex took place during the first 3 months of Barr. Williams in office as a new elected executive Chairman of the area and the essence of the office complex renovation at the local government headquarters was to enable the council boss mark his first 100 days in office in 2018.
Uwem Obot narrated that each time he goes to the council boss to recover his #2.8m debt, he will tell him ” Obot I don’t know what is wrong with this man, Udom is the worst governor in Nigeria, last month he did not send allocation, the month before last, the allocation that came was not even enough to pay salary, don’t worry go, whenever Udom Emmanuel pays reasonable allocation I will settle you”
Uwem Obot who was rescued recently at his workshop along hospital road Abak where he was being attacked by those he borrowed some building materials to do the contract of renovating 4 block office complex the council helmsman contracted him to do in 2018.
It took the intervention of road users who separated the blood spilling fight of over 4 persons against the furniture dealer when he raised alarm for help.
Narrating the situation to the people Mr Uwem Obot said the people engaging him in a fight were his creditors who he borrowed some building materials to renovates the four dilapidated office complex that the Abak Chairman contracted him to do.
He said “I was here in my workshop on the 15th January 2018 one Mr Anthony who is an electrician and a staff of Abak local government council came and told me that the Executive Chairman wants to see me at the council and I followed him to the chairman’s office. When I met the Chairman he told me he wanted to engage me to help him do a little job at the council and that job was for me to renovate four dilapidated office complex in the council.”
“He asked me to go and make some market survey to know the cost of materials that will be used in renovating the four office buildings of which the paper of the survey is still with me, everything was about #6.4 million Naira and he instructed me to start the job and made the first commitment of four hundred thousand (#400,000) and after some time that the work has gone far because I borrowed materials from my colleagues at timber to do the job, he gave me five hundred thousand #500,000 of which was not even enough to settled those I have collected building materials for the construction, I had to borrow money from friends and add with the #500,000 to enable me settled the huge debts that were on ground.”
Mr uwem’s letters ,receipts and documents for the renovation

“I still did the job, I roofed the four Office complex to standard, and he kept promising me that he will pay, later he began to pay me in small amount, the renovation of the office complex cost me more than the #6.4m considering the qualities of building materials I used in the renovation, but the Chairman managed to pay me #4.2m and from 2018 up till now he has bluntly refused to Ballance me the #2.8m for me settle those I collected materials to do the job”
“Each time I go to him, he said the governor is not treating the council fine, he keeps complaining and heaping blames on the governor,  He accused the governor of taking the council’s allocation . Then, he told me he will pay me whenever the governor treats him well with allocation. ”
“From that time till now I have written letters copying the state deputy governor, the state and National Assembly members the Senior Special Assistant to the governor, the leader of the Abak legislative council, the Vice Chairman of the council, the head of service, the director of works etc.”
“The last time I went to his house he walked me out of his compound and ordered the security to lock the gates and has refused to pick my calls up to date”
“Now, look at what he has caused me, my life is in danger- Imo Williams should pay me the money to help me settle those I am owning, I have not handover the complex to him because he has not completed the payment.”
“Last time before he walked me out of his house, he challenged me to approach the court because he knows we did not have any contract agreement except the documents of the market survey, as a result of this debt I have taught my children how to tell lies because whenever they come to my house to ask for their money I will hide and asked my children to lie that I am not in the house”
NEWSIE EVENT correspondent has promised to update you with more details while waiting for the council boss reaction on furniture maker demands of the payment of his 2.8m from the Chairman. Stay tuned, stay connected.

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