Coronavirus: Lai Mohammed Says Nigeria Tracing 4370 Contacts To Suspected cases

The Minister said: “Gentlemen, I don’t intend to sound apocalyptic. But the truth is that time is running out. If we don’t urgently and more aggressively enforce the measures I have just listed, we have a short window within which to stop this pandemic or face an explosion in terms of the cases. We cannot afford to be complacent.
“We have 4,370 people of interest whom we are tracing. We urge those who have had contact with suspected cases to immediately report to the authorities. We urge Nigerians to support the authorities in this regard. We are on the verge of reaching the level of community spread. We must stop this immediately or we will record exponential cases in the days ahead. There is no better way to say this.
“In view of this, we are considering tougher measures to enforce compliance, stop the exportation of the disease to states that do not have it and minimize spread. Possible measures include: stopping inter-state/inter-town travels, except for essential services, closing all motor parks and inter-state rail stations and using fire-fighting and other adaptable vehicles and personnel to fumigate cities and towns. Already, all train movements have been stopped.
“Let me say, without mincing words, that we are not getting the kind of cooperation that this moment deserves from Nigerians. Many are busy engaging in meaningless criticisms instead of complying with the stipulated directives to keep people safe.
The minister regretted that tracing some travellers who might have had contacts with the coronavirus index cases had become difficult due to the fact that some of them gave wrong addresses and phone contacts while others had continued to defy the order to stay away from large gatherings some religious leaders have continued to flout the order on social distancing.
The minister described as fake news media reports that President Muhammadu Buhari was coughing and on a ventilator as a result of contacts with the coronavirus index case, that there were only two functional ventilators in Abuja out of which a top government official had hijacked one and that a British Airways flight was due to land in Nigeria on Wednesday despite the closure of all international airports in the country.
The minister appeal to Nigerians not to panic as the government was determined to work with the Nigerian people to defeat the pandemic, assuring that even if any Nigerian is confirmed to test positive to the virus, there was room for recovery as it does not amount to death sentence.

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