COVID-19: Ghanaian Lady reveals why African Leaders allowed China to maltreat Blacks(Video)

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Miss Obeda and Chinese president

A Ghanaian Lady Identified as Obeda Aviola, has Revealed why African Leaders are allowing China to maltreat Blacks.
In a video Monitored by Odinceblog, she said: “It is so sad that a lot of Africans are not seeing the magnitude of what is going on. It is so sad that we have leaders that are so self-centered, selfish, ignorant of everything in the world apart from the money they are collecting and spending that they are not even taking care of their citizens.
How many of your Presidents, how many of your MPs, how many of your leaders are not aware that as of now Chinese Nationals are Maltreating and Subjecting all blacks to inhuman treatment in china?
She revealed that a lot of videos of blacks being maltreated in china are trending online and almost everyone have seen it but nothing has been done.
“What is wrong with our Leaders? Are they not seeing what is happening to your people?
She called out African leaders for keeping quiet over the dehumanization of blacks in China, stating Chinese hate anyone with black skin despite your personality or where you come from.
She revealed that China cannot Maltreat Muslims because they are united, and are ready to fight for each other despite Tribe.
Have you ever seen any Chinese people bullying or subjecting Muslim brothers to bullshit like this? No, it will Never happen because they are so united that if you mess with one Muslim person, you are dealing with all of them.
“why can’t we as Africans unite? What is stopping our leaders from refusing help from china and then fix the fucking Countries that we Inherited?
She added that Africa have Gold, Oil and other Mineral Resources needed to get things Right without seeking for Help, says “Our Leaders are Idiots” stating that many of our Leaders had nothing before they came to power but now they are boasting, Traveling abroad for medical Treatment but now that Coronavirus has come why can’t they Travel?.
Travel to any African Country for Medical Treatment, tell them that you have coronavirus and see what they will do to you’
She added that our Leaders were sworn-in in the name of God and that is why they are misbehaving because they don’t respect God, if they were sworn-in in the shrine they will act accordingly because if they mess up, the deity will kill them.
“Educated Illiterates, why can’t you people fix Africa, what is wrong with all of you?
She added that that African presidents have seen the video of blacks being maltreated in china.
“Chinese are kicking Blacks out of their homes and hotel contracts, quarantining them by Force, who gave Chinese the power do maltreat Africans? they are doing it because they know that our Leaders are rubbish, they are doing it because they know that the blacks are not Together, we are not united, we don’t speak the same Language.
“we need good government in Africa, and most importantly we need a United Africa, we need an Africa that Nobody can Penetrate, we need an African that will stick out their Life for each other, we need an Africa that will speak for every African, we don’t need idiots in suits that are highly Educated without brains, we need people that are illiterates that know how to put thing together, we need people that care for the citizens not care for their pockets. We nee people that we move Africa forward, people that will unite us and make us a strong people, not people that will come and Divide us.
She added that Nigerians are in a good Position to speaks as well as south Africa but why are they quiet? says’ all Africans are suffering in China and no one is exempted.
“Africa let’s stick together and make china accountable for what they are doing.”
She revealed that Blacks in China are not allowed to buy food in restaurants or even walk around freely, adding that they are been kept in the room for long all in the name of quarantine.
“Is CNN seeing this, is BBC seeing this? When ebola came to Africa, nobody cares, if you are a black person with Coronavirus in China, they will not care for you.
She Revealed that a black man who is married to a Chinese was taken away from his wife and was subjected and Maltreat, the wife asked “why are you taking my husband away, why are you not doing it to other people order than blacks? And the Chinese official said they are only doing it to blacks only.
“They are Maltreating blacks because they know that our Leaders have collected their money and they can’t do nothing.
She also revealed how they are killing blacks and taking their hearts, kidneys, eyes, nose and skins.
“Chinese are killing Africans and keep saying Coronavirus are killing them, Africans leaders get up! Stop wasting our money buying houses and properties abroad, fix the nation, we have the things to use, fix our economy and stop the bullshit things you are doing. Chinese people have decided that the blacks should be on the streets.
In Conclusion, she said; what are you doing about it? What is your president doing about it?

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