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Comrade Ekpenyong and the state secretary Dr. Linus Akpanim with a member of NGGG during the sensitization gathering

The state Chairman of Nigeria Good Governance Group (NGGG) comrade Anietie Ekpenyong has called on the Akwa Ibom state government to take up full responsibility of protecting the lives of the people against coronavirus.
Comrade Ekpenyong made this call during a sensitization gathering to distributes hand sanitizer and face mask to Chapter chairmen, senatorial district Chairmen of the NGGG.
He said, ‘it is time for the state government under the leadership of Mr UDOM Emmanuel to facilitates and provide the required amenities for prevention and intervention of the COVID19 in Akwa Ibom especially the rural communities.’
He said, ‘it is not enough to for the State Government to keep on telling people to wash and sanitize their hands without providing the facilities to reach out to the people in the rural areas.’
Ekpenyong said some persons in the rural communities may not even know where to buy the facemask and the hand sanitizer hence it’s the duty of the state government to take up the responsibilities of providing and sensitizing them on how to use.
He said, ‘NGGG in Akwa Ibom state decided to set the pace by distributing the facemask with the hand sanitizer for the Government and other bodies to follow suit. He said Akwa Ibom through the ministry of health should endeavour to produce hand sanitizer and facemask in large quantities and distribute it to the people in the rural communities who cannot even afford a square meal, not to talk of buying sanitizer and the facemask.
The chapter and senatorial district Chairmen in a group photograph with comrade Anietie Ekpenyong and the state secretary.

” When you asked the people to remain indoor how do you want them to survive, the state government is responsible for the protection of lives and security of the people this is the right time to protect and secure the people, it is the duty of the state government to make the necessary provision in time like this and to act accordingly.
He also advocated that politicians who claimed they are good in buying Christmas rice to win votes to also provide, support and join hands with the Government to fight COVID19 in Akwa Ibom state adding that nobody can buy anything for a dead man in the grave.
Also speaking, secretary Dr Linus Akpanim regretted that despite the threatening and widespread of the virus in the country, Akwa Ibom state government till now has not made provisions for facemasks with hand sanitizers even at the state teaching hospitals where patience troop in on daily basis, even the COVID19 center at Ikot Ekpene is empty no facilities and equipment to carry out any test in case of infection.
He said NGGG has set a pace for the state Government to follow and other Organisations to tackle the COVID19 against any case in Akwa Ibom state.

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