Must You term Every Achievement Of A Woman As “Ashawo”?.- C J Mama Questions As She Urges Men To Respect And Appreciate Women.

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A gorgeous, Social media influencer, Crystal Jane Cosmas Ogechi popularly known as CJ MAMA by fans and admirers, whose Inspirational and impactful messages are aimed at improving lives, relationships and businesses have called on men and the general public to stop the denigration of hardworking women based on their successes and achievements.
She stated this via a post on her Facebook page where she questioned why it’s so difficult and hard to respect women for their hard work?
Ms Crystal mentioned things like when a woman buys a car, rents a flat, buys her own land, ignores cat alls by men, they are termed as ‘Ashawo’.
Ashawo is a demeaning word or slang mostly used in Africa. It refers to a prostitute. Any woman that is known for sleeping around, wearing skimpy clothing, always seen with men and stuff like that.

Crystal Jane Cosmos Ogechi

CJ MAMA went further to acknowledge and shower praises on women who are doing legit works and are doing really great for themselves.
She, therefore, advised men to show respect and appreciate women for who they are and what they’ve achieved and stop attributing every one of their achievements to “Ashawo”
CJMAMA in an official engagement

Her post reads;
“She drives a car: Ashawo
She rents a flat; Ashawo
She buys her own land…Ashawo
Ignore cat calls; Ashawo
She buys a house…Ashawo. She goes to a bar/club alone: Ashawo
She takes her friends out and picks up the bill…Ashawo
She goes to the market; Ashawo
Gets a degree; Ashawo
Does charity; Ashawo
Dresses comfortably; Ashawo
Makes up; Ashawo
Laughs: Ashawo
Breathes; Ashawo
Exists; Ashawo.
Becomes a celebrity; Ashawo ..Starts Her own Business…Ashawo…Pays for her own trips abroad…Ashawo…Decides to stay own her own…Ashawo…She expresses her Opinion…Ashawo…HABA…KILODE??”
“Please why is it so difficult and hard to respect women for their hard work?
Why must you look down on successful, hardworking and struggling women as “ashawo”?
Must you term every achievement of a woman as “ashawo”?.
To every hardworking lady doing legit jobs and doing well for herself, I AM PROUD OF YOU.
Soon we will celebrate our achievements in each other’s private jets.
To the other set of women that condemn their fellow woman and Saying; na Ashawo. She’s into runs. I pray you will be alive to see more achievements from the hardworking lady then you’ll remain in your gossip state begging her for help one day.”
“Dear men learn to respect and appreciate women. Stop this madness of attributing her achievements to “ashawo”. Many of us have sleepless nights working and packaging products as entrepreneurs. Many of us have sleepless nights reading and browsing. Many have sleepless nights handling one business or the other or even writing notes of lesson for their pupils.
Appreciate every woman because, without the neck, the head can never stand…”
Crystal Jane Cosmas Ogechi
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