Stay Away from Toxic Relationships /Marriage: Women, please, watch out for the red flags. Don’t ignore the warning signs.

By Chinenye Festus:-
Recall a story you read on Newsieevents about a Nigerian man identified as Femi who stabbed his wife to death and thereafter committed suicide in their Lekki Home on Sunday June 21st. There is an unconfirmed reports,as to what led to the deaths. The 25 year old Olamide Omajuwa was killed by Chris Ndukwe, 39 after a DNA result revealed that he was not the biological father of their two sons.

The sad story began after Chris/Femi drank so much alcohol and became intoxicated. That mood fueled his sinister motive to proceed with the horrific slaughter of Olamide’s beautiful body. He immediately took the coward’s way out buy gulping a curtail of sniper and energy drink.
Photos of Olamide Omajuwa Alli who was gruesomely murdered by her on-and-off lover, Chris Ndukwe popularly called Femi or Femo. He committed suicide after wreaking gory havoc on her body.
He tied her up, sealed her mouth with a masking tape, used plier to pluck out the braids from her scalp, stabbed her eyes and continued the stabbing spree until she died. He murdered her slowly.
He immediately followed her to the great beyond by mixing two bottles of sniper with energy drink and drank the entire contents.
This crime of passion was obviously premeditated as he turned on the music way too loud so the neighbours wouldn’t hear her cries for help.
I suspect he may have drugged her to ensure that she was too weak to fight for her life.
Until her murder, she  worked as the co-founder of Pearl Academy in Lagos, a foundation that empowers the girl child. 
Close family members say she was billed to walk down the aisle with that monstrous man in August 2020.
I went through her official Facebook page and found that she was a bundle of positivity who deserved better than a psycho as an emotional partner.

Women, please, watch out for the red flags. Don’t ignore the warning signs.

No matter how much love a man professes for you, no matter the intensity of the loving moments, if you have good reasons to doubt his mental state, its best to walk away. The earlier the better. Don’t debate it. Don’t allow anyone talk you into managing the relationship. They will be the same people who will mourn your death.
This advice also goes to men who entertain toxic women. You are not a psychiatrist. You can’t cope with an unstable girlfriend or wife. It’s not your job to try. Your love can’t deliver them if the raging demons they have little or no control over begin to manifest shocking atrocities.
You might say crime of passion is not your portion. You might think they won’t go as far as snuffing the life out of you, but be mindful that when they implode, it’s a calamity that mostly follows. There is no justification whatsoever for someone to take another person’s life, no matter the depth of issues involved.
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