Stop Lying on a Dead man… Abacha’s Wife pleads..

By Chinenye Festus:-
Mariam Abacha, the wife of the late Military Head of State General Sani Abacha said it is wrong to lie against her late husband.

 Mariam while reacting to the recovered money stashed in Switzerland, Jersey Island and in the United Kingdom, United States and Liechtenstein by her husband told Kano Focus in an interview said ,
How come this man was not a thief until he died? What is this amount of money after 22 years you say oh we have found this amount of money and we’re bringing it back? She maintained that when her husband was alive, nobody called him a theif,”
She expressed her disappointment over Kano elites.
These were her words : “I hope Kano People will realize that Sani Abacha was their son.

“And this man was born in Kano, Sabon Gari and later he came to Fagge and grew up but his name is Abacha- a Kanuri name from Borno. He has marks, Kanuri marks on his face but he chose to be Kano man.

“And he worked for Kano and he planted Kano people but there are people that he helped a lot but they are not even greeting me now for no reason. They just hate us! But why? This is a very bad attitude. It is Haram and Allah is watching us”.
“They will kneel down like America is kneeling down now. Anybody that is evil will kneel down just like this corona has come to shut this world.”.                             
” It is a shame to tell lies on a dead man! It is a shame to tell lies on your leader.“If he had done wrong, God knows. If other people are putting the wrong on him, it is a matter of time.”
Recall that during the Abdulsalami era in 1999, $750 million was recovered. And under the Obasanjo administration, $1.2 billion was recovered in 2002; $149 million from Jersey Island, UK in 2003; $500 million recovered in 2004 from Switzerland and another $458 recovered in 2005 from Switzerland.
Jonathan’s administration recovered $1 billion in 2012 and $380 million in 2015, both tranches from Switzerland, $227 million from Liechtenstein in 2014 and $48 million from the United States the same year.
A total of about $2.6 billion of the funds so far repatriated to Nigeria was from Switzerland while the other recoveries came from UK and USA including the one recovered by the Buhari-led administration, $322 million from Switzerland in 2017 and $308 million from Jersey Island, United Kingdom in February 2020 which is the most current.
The Federal Government, the government of Jersey and the United States has signed an agreement to repatriate the latest $308m under some conditions to ensure the money was not re-looted.
This was prior to the agreement Abacha’s family members entered with the federal government in 2014 to forfeit several billions of dollars following the plea to drop the charges levelled against the Late Military Head of State’s son.
Although the  Buhari’s government has decided to plough the recovered funds into its Social Intervention Programmes, SIPs, but there were alarms that that is the vehicle to re-loot the money.

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