You Can Only Suspend Me from the Throne but Not from the Truth; Lamido Reacts to Dethronement

By Divine Sam:-
The dethroned Emir of Kano has reacted to his dethronement but the Kano state government following their press release in which they announced the Emir dethroned on grounds of disrespecting the Governor and government agencies.
In his speech, the former CBN governor says the throne of an Emir is not permanent and his time has come and gone. He further stated that he would have never become Emir of Kano if the throne has been one that is for a lifetime.
He said someone was there before him, and whether now or later, someone else will take over.
He, however, sent a strong note to the Government that he has been only suspended from the throne but cannot be suspended from the truth. He gave his full commitment to continue saying the truth about the ills and shortcomings of governance in the North.
He urged his followers to accept the will of God as he himself has accepted. Recall his daughter already lashed out that people stop sending them condolences message as he only lost a throne and not his life.

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