CoronaVirus: Will a Chinese Conspiracy hand China world power status? By Caleb Onyeabor

Since the rise of this coronavirus pandemic, conspiracy theories have been flying around the media. Doomsday prophet wanting us to believe that what we see about the virus is more than meets the eye, economic and financial analysts trying to convince us on how there is going to be a paradigm shift or a handover of the baton global leadership. Whatever it is, one of these theories caught my attention.
The virus broke out in China and thousands of persons have died in the communist state as a result. But there is a theory that’s trying to make us that this whole thing is a Chinese plot to assume global leadership and take over the world’s economy. This is coming at a time when Trump is trying to kick start the comeback of the United States which of course pose a threat to Chinese expansion.
The theory could be true. China, the first country affected by the virus, is reported to have recovered and we are being told that life is returning to normal in Wuhan, the birthplace of the virus. This is happening at a time when the world including the U.S seems to be overwhelmed by the virus and most countries are shutting down.
With every other country troubled and in panic, global leaders will turn to China for help. China will have to provide and fill the global leadership vacuum at this point. This could force a complete of the shift of power from the west to the east and assert China’s dominance as World’s number one.
It could be that we have been tricked. We could all fall for a possible Chinese plan.
However, I vehemently think that China providing relief and leading the war against the Virus in the globe should not in any way confer on it the status of world’s leadership. After all, she brought this problem upon the world. After all, the problem all began in China. China is the reason why there are problems in Italy, Spain, Germany, U.S and the rest of the world. So if creating a problem as sensitive as this and turning around to offer solutions will make the world surrender to the ascendancy of China then world leaders must be dumb.
Helping the rest of the world fight coronavirus is a responsibility China must own up to. After all, it is a Chinese virus. China owes the world and not the other way round.
They should be more than ready to share and cooperate with global efforts towards fighting this pandemic with the sole aim of redeeming themselves rather than planning to overthrow the world order.
I hope the theory is false. Nevertheless, the world has got to put its eyes out in a bid to identify any iota of plausibility and there should be consequences. No one has the right to put the globe in jeopardy and risk the lives and peace of the entire planet for economic gains. Not China, Not U.S, not Europe, not anyone at all.
The era of rapacious and uncontrolled mercantilism cum imperialism died in the last order. We cannot afford to let it live now.
Caleb Onyeabor writes from Enugu. Follow on Twitter

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