Coronavirus: What the Church should be doing. – By Nwanneka Okoro

Now, there is an outbreak of coronavirus in Nigeria. This has taken its toll on the economy and the people are already bearing the brunt.
The government is doing what it can to contain the virus, but it is obvious that they are not doing anything to palliate the negative effects it has on the living condition of the people. As a result, eyes are on the church, to step-up, to make their ‘physical’ presence felt by providing the necessary care and support for the people.
Men of God and Prophets across the nation are already on their knees making intercessions for the healing of the land. Some have even made prophetic declarations announcing an end to the virus. And these are commendable. But the truth is that the church must do more than ‘just’ pray; it must take a step in identifying with the people in this period. ‘It is the great responsibility of the church to run into the middle of dark circumstances and become a bright light and to continue to burn brightly throughout the long healing process.’
For churches, it is not the moment to be pointing out denominational differences. That should be kept aside for now. And it is not the time for men of God to get 15 minutes of by trying to score cheap theological points nor is it the time to attempt to use fear created by the moment to manipulate people into their churches. Now is the time to prove that though there are different churches, they are, indeed, one body in Christ.
What the church should be doing now is to go out there and give the people the help and the hope that is much needed. This is the time for the church to contribute to the emotional, psychological and MATERIAL well-being/welfare of the people. They should, in their own capabilities, buy and distribute food items and medical supplies to the people. The church should also create a platform where it can solicit for contributions, donations and or partnership with governments at various levels, non-governmental organizations and other well-meaning individuals who are willing to contribute to this cause. In addition, churches should serve as food banks where food items collected or donated are stocked and distributed to the locals.
These and many more are what the church should be doing right now.
By Nwanneka Okoro

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