COVID-19 and Emotional well-being – By Nnadi Somto

With the news of the pandemic ravaging our country (Nigeria) and the world at large, it has brought with it emotional crisis from social distancing, economic trauma and uncertainty surrounding the society with the so called doomsday, this feelings has become Paramount in the psyche of the people with various media outlet not sparing us with their continuous reports of negative consequence of the pandemic which has evolved into fear, anxiety on the mind of the people causing emotional instability. As a result of the upheavals surrounding the pandemic, it is important to monitor and maintain a good mental state, so as to avoid another unannounced pandemic mingling around with COVID-19 which is mental illness such as Anxiety, Depression etc.
In order to archive this, I recommend two change approach;
1) *First Order Change*
2 *Second Order Change*
The first order change deals with the individual, which is the individual should reposition his mind by focusing on factual data than rumors.
According to an online statistical site *World Ometer*, accessed 26 March 2020, it reported that globally COVID-19 cases stood at 525,297 with fatality of 27,701(4.5%) and 123, 329 (23.5%) recovered it also indicated that those in Mild conditions (95%) and those with critical condition (5%). This statistic shows that the virus is not death penalty but not also a playing toy, but the underlining factor is the negative perception portrayed by the media which brought about panic and anxiety on the masses, this has also caused *Somatoform diaorder* so when someone has a sensation of normal cough he/she autonomously links that to COVID-19 and start having sensation of what physically is not in his body but a mere construct of the mind.
To deal with this we must access the accurate information and avoid rumors also try to balance your information by reevaluating the information you sourced. When you know you have a weak mental strength, avoid social media because it is the hub of the frightening informations.
The Second order change deals with the government and the media houses. The media outlets should balance their reports so as to ease the tension already in play in the minds of the people. Also, government should care for the economic tension of the masses it is not to wise to drive people away from corona and present them to a more worrisome hunger, so the government should evoke its social welfare tools to Cater for the masses while at home.
Also, they should work with various employers at various levels to make sure the economic lives of the people are protected and the information dispose to the public to ease the tensions.
*Nnadi Somto D*📝

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