Giving Indecent Dressing as a motive behind Rape is Absurd!! By Chinenye Festus

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This is Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, she’s 22 years old, got admission to study microbiology at the University of Benin and in her 100 level.. She was raped, brutalised and murdered while studying in an RCCG church near her home in Benin city.
I saw a documentary that was made on rape and the motive behind it. Lots of Rapists and rape apologists kept tieing their motive to Indecent Dressing.
The documentary revealed that all the clothes every victim of rape wore before they were raped and was not indecent in anyway, this is a proof that holding onto indecent dressing as an excuse for rape is absurd. 
Let me do a little analysis, no matter how hungry one is, one don’t just dash into a restaurant and carry their coolers of food, same is applicable to when one is walking by the roadside and sees something one desires, taking it by  force will result to being labelled a theif.
What is indecent dressing?? In the days of old, our girls walk around bare-chested, with their breasts bouncing up and down yet they got married as virgins, untouched.
Why? because the men back then knew that the body of a woman is sacred but nowadays, people put all their evil deeds of rape on indecent dressing. Any man that have sexual relations with a girl without her consent, is rape .
A person’s dignity and self esteem is destroyed by an act of rape  .. To dehumanize another person for sexual satisfaction is inhuman.. I hope the culprit of this acts be brought to face the wrath of the law..
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