Godswill Akpabio, A Man With Beautiful Legacies – By Divine Sam

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It is known at home and abroad that Senator Godswill Akpabio is one of the very few with immense mental wealth.
It is a welcome development that the former governor of Akwa Ibom State is doing excellently well in the Ministry of Niger-Delta. I know many will counter my reasons, some will distrust my argument while others will disapprove and reject my spiritual fact. It was not a mystery that his tenure gave us an edge above others, this was courtesy of his pedigree, reputation and commitment to intelligent and selfless service that proceeded Akwa Ibom as a state and our achievements were building blocks for next generation.
His desire to stand out in whatsoever he does, determination to succeed, strong value, and drive to achieve the extraordinary took my state and positioned it where others flattered.
He had the love, smile, warmth, welcomeness and encouragement.
Akpabio’s reasons were reasonable enough, his comment where purely artistic and creative while his expression where tightly wrapped in human and infrastructural development.
Regrettable, some agent of darkness are trying to rubbish his long earned reputation while I know a good number of Akwa ibomites are aware of his capacity preference.
I carefully looked at the aim, source and morality of a post that he owned pensioners a whooping amount of Thirty, Billion of Naria. (#30B.) and I don’t hesitate to state that the fact-value of the accusation is zero because it lacked evidential- link and sufficient backing.
The accusation is foolish, the assumption is wrong and there is clear evidence that those spreading such rumour on social media and other platforms need clinical treatment. because I could recall in the beginning that the present administration denied the same.
I will rather advise perpetrators to pray to God to give them a leader like Godswill Akpabio again, and for them, to rubbish pride, for they have no reasons sitting in the lame chair of excuses.
Despite the remarkable failure at present with reference to executive lawlessness, the state shall rise again.
However, the false accusations reflect a combination of fear, ignorance and superstition for not having what to show up.
Written By Divine Sam

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