My Terrible Experience During A Cult Clash By Caleb Onyeabor

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A friend of mine just called me this night. She spoke with fear.
” This place is bloody oh. Last week they killed someone, today, they just killed one more person. Everybody has been running since morning. Old women, old men, me too, I have been running for my life….. ”
I asked her where she was to be sure this thing is not happening around me because it has been scientifically proven that I love to run.
She’s been around campus in one of these schools in Anambra state. From her explanation and as someone who has passed through the University, I knew what was happening. There is only explanation – A CULT CLASH.
As we talked on phone, another friend of mine was asking me to ask her what was the score? If you know cult clashes, there is always a score. While I was trying to calm the girl down and advise her to stay safe, my friend started laughing and acting.
” Look at this one that is telling somebody to calm down”
” Oga what is doing you, I am trying to save somebody’s life here and you are talking off point. ”
He laughed harder and recited these words ” Hey God, where is your car key, let us leave this place at once, hey hey hey, I am not coming back to this lodge again, not today, not tomorrow, not forever, chimooooooo ! Where is the car key, let’s run away at once ”
He then asked me ” Do you remember ? “.
Of course, I do, let me tell you a short story of what I remembered.
Sometimes in March 2017, I went for a short meeting with the vicar of the church I attend. Amebo people had reported my “backsliding” to the man of God who invited me to put me back on track. The only good thing about that meeting was that he dashed me 2k and as a student, that meant a lot.
On my way back, I decided to branch the house of one of my very good friends. He lived in a place called Hilltop. In the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Hilltop as at that time was one of the most notorious places. I deliberately avoided living there because deep down, I am actually a preacher of love.
The week before, there had been news of students who had been shot. Often times, you will hear gunshots. I think there was a curfew in school. Apparently there was an ongoing cult clash.
I met one of my classmates at the gate, exchanged pleasantries, and left to the room of a friend where I occupied myself with a laptop.
I had not sat down for 5 minutes when I heard a loud sound that sounded like a gunshot to me.
I asked my friend. ” You sure say dem never start dey shoot themselves again this morning ? “.
” aaaaaaaaah Caleb, you too dey fear “was the response I got. So I manned up and concentrated on the laptop. Almost immediately, I heard another sound.
” Kai Francis, this thing na gun oh “. I stood up, closed the laptop, and looked through the window. All my body hormones were on the alert. If na fly, I ready to fly, if na disappear, I go disappear today, if na superman punch, I will do it today. One thing is constant, I am not dying today.
” Oga, na just breeze wey blow this my neighbor iron door, na the sound u dey hear. Leave me alone abeg” my useless friend replied.
I didn’t care. All didn’t seem well to me. So I kept peeping through the window, looking downstairs, looking across the streets, waiting for a sign.
I am not sure if we heard another sound afterward but the sound of a bottle being shattered was just what I was waiting for. It happened very close to the room we were staying.
” Chimooooooo ! Dem dun break bottle. Na this lodge Dem dey ohhhhh. Where is my mother ? “. I panicked
The enemy we were looking for was just very close to us. The sound of the bottle made it clear that the operation was taking place in that lodge, on the same floor where our room was and if care is not taken, they may be moving from room to room.
I was thinking very fast. Like one Will Smith looking to escape after being surrounded by members of the Mexican drug cartel.
I touched the window. Damn! This window has protector. I looked around for weapon, I saw one but I convinced myself that it is an escape I need not fight. Then I looked up the ceiling, no road, the ground, no road either. The door to the bathroom was open. If I enter this bathroom and these guys come here, they can easily break the bathroom door and murder me there. So the bathroom Is not an option for me.
Guess what I did?
You know how the Lord asked Abraham to look behind him when he was about sacrificing Isaac? That was exactly the same voice I heard. By the side of the bathroom was this big blue transparent buta. I was not thinking straight. Who cares? Thank God there is no water In it, I opened it like Jackie Chan, I had already put my one leg inside when my friend stood up and locked the door.
” Oh. Dem dey even lock door. I totally forgot. De buta was the best choice for me”. It was after the whole incident that it dawned on me that locking the door was the first thing I should have done. It was a strong door and so would give us first instance protection. Local man saw buta as his savior. No be my fault.
We heard one more gunshot and a brief moment of life and death. When the coast seemed clear. My friend told me ” we have to leave or else Sarz will come and pack us. See me see bear bear wey I carry”.
We ran downstairs and straight to his car. We couldn’t find the key. I was panicking already. When we found the key, the godforsaken car refused to start. See village people oh!
We were still dealing with that when the voice of one of my classmates called from upstairs. He informed us that the other classmate I met at the gate a few minutes before the first sound, had been shot. He was shot in the head. His roommate, another of my classmate was shot too but managed to escape. It was in the process of escaping that a bottle was shattered. Almost half of the occupants of that lodge were my classmates and my classmates’ dey worry the entire school. Dem no dey hear word.
We can’t possibly leave. We had to help take him to the hospital. The one shot in the head didn’t make it.
Entering that buta was the most foolish decision I have ever taken. It was transparent and adjacent to the door. If they had entered, I was the first person they will see. That’s if the buta doesn’t suffocate me to death first.
As I talked to the girl on phone today, my friend kept reminding me of the nonsense things I did and said in the face of danger that day. I shall thank God he was there and had the wisdom to close the door.
It is not that I am a coward, I admit I am a preacher of love. The sound of that gun can make someone deaf. If not that I am a strong man. The sound of the gun for kill me. So I give myself credit for that.
Since most of my classmates lived there, we could be in the room of person A, the next minute we will gather in person B’s room. I say to myself, what if we were gathered in that room that was attacked when the assassins came? They wouldn’t want to know who belonged or who didn’t.
That was a terrible experience. Cultism is a sad reality in our schools today. Until there is a solution, please stay safe.
They have been laughing at me since 2017. Even the girl I was trying to advise and give security tips started laughing at me too. She knows what I am capable of.
But dear friends, please don’t mind them. If you ever find yourself in my shoes, If you see buta, abeg enter.
Caleb Onyeabor writes from Enugu and can be reached via +2347032829241

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