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Ever since this issue has started, I’ve been indecisive on whether to chip in my thoughts or not, well I finally decided to, because someone may learn something from it.
First of all, anyone can be a rapist; whether they’re pastors or not; as long as they’re human. People who don’t have self-control are more likely to rape others, and it has nothing to do with what their victims are putting on—as some people think that indecent dressing warrants rape.
On the issue of not speaking up, this is where we all need to be sensitive: how do you tell someone you’ve been taken advantage of—especially in an African home! What most parents or guardians are gonna do, is blame you for being raped! They’ll tell you that you put yourself in that position.
•Most African parents don’t even make it easy for their kids to talk to them.
•So many African parents idolise their pastors and see no wrong in them; forgetting that these people are humans too! And spirituality does not cancel sexuality so they need to learn how to stop pushing their kids to pastors. Teach your kids yourself, and set good examples for them to follow. Pastors won’t train them for you.
Please, a rape victim can be traumatised for the rest of their lives. They don’t go around telling everyone that they’ve been taken advantage of! You don’t understand what it means for someone to forcefully have their way on your body till they satisfied? Now let’s bring it down to relationship and marriage. If you make out with your partner and they’re satisfied, but you aren’t, don’t you feel used? Relate that to someone forcefully having their way on your body for their own selfish desires!
A victim of rape can only speak out if she’s around people who truly love, and don’t judge her. So while you’re blaming them for not speaking out on time, remember this.
I’ve also been in a situation where I was almost taken advantage of by a priest, simply because I needed to sign a booklet from my school as proof that I went to church every Sunday I was on holiday(it was a rule then). Now if I had not found a way to run off, it would have resulted in rape, yeah? And the first question I’ll be asked is, “what did you go to the rectory to do?”.
I think it’s time we start calling wrong a wrong. Sex without consent is rape, and it is bad! Regardless of who is guilty of it, it doesn’t excuse the act as evil and wicked!
Almost every child has been victimised or their body touched by an older family member, older family friend, or a pastor! Dear parents and older people, please be less judgemental, and pay more attention to your child and their moods around everyone!

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