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We have been restraining ourselves from saying this for long, but it’s mounting everyday.
Minister Sadiya Farouq’s unrestrained bias and nepotism haven’t exemplified GOOD leadership qualities.

She is really playing the true Buhari’s NEPOTISTIC card with every intervention in the coronavirus outbreak.
We see video clips of poor Nigerians getting N20,000 as palliative, and mostly all are from the north
We have been seeing figures of money shared to states as palliative by geopolitical zones, heavily in favour of the north
Some of us journalists who don’t just recklessly push unvarified materials to the social media never commented because we are not sure of it. But Sadiya Farouq’s office hasn’t denied those circulating figures.
Now, just overnight, the same Humanitarian Ministry has sent 110 trailer loads of rice and grains to Kano State alone while 10,800 bags of rice sent to South West states have been issues over expiry.
I never heard anything was delivered to South East and South South states.
This meanness just rankles and sickens. There should be limit to nepotism and divisiveness. It’s good you attend to Kano, but why not others?
And good enough, God has graciously and kindly been protecting those victims of this gross nepotism.
We thank God that individual citizens from the discriminated south are about 98% of the Nigerians that donated to the nation for the coronavirus fight.
We are watching
God is waiting too
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