The quality of life of the people of a nation is a reflection of the economic growth or development of the nation. When I made my research, I find out that there was never a time after independence that there was job for everyone in Nigeria.
Almost everyone in Nigeria have a mindset that going to school set them in a position of getting rich. This is because Nigeria poses to be a country that value education and your chances of getting a good job without certificates is small. Even though many of us go to school, we know somewhere in our hearts that it still doesn’t guarantee a way of becoming rich. You hear many people talk about their plan B right?
As a Nigerian, you have to over-think and plan. Not just planning and investing your energy in one thing but in diverse things, at least two, as you are not even sure which one will end up giving you your breakthrough in a country that can not be predicted. You just have to try all and all till at least one hits for you and you major and grow on that one that made way for you. Maybe that’s why we have lots of Nigerians that can blend and do well in any setting anywhere in the world
Provision of job opportunities by the government won’t do enough for our people, no matter what job the government provide, it will not be available to everyone. Are you employed? Are you getting a good return for the value you offer? Are you truly happy with what you are doing? Our government needs to understand there is something better they can do to help
How far will provision of more job opportunities which never enough take us when many opportunities in us can not find good platforms to be exploited? People have talents in them, many have even developed these talents to compete at a world-class level. That great artist, footballer, swimmer, boxer, wrestler, among others that you saw in your local community that year, imagine what you hear about them now, how they gave up on their talents. Funny enough, almost all of them later went to school and are competing for these jobs that are never enough. Don’t be surprised if Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Mohammed Ali and so on were Nigerians, most of them will be looking for these same jobs we are looking for and you won’t ever hear about them for what they do today
The government of Nigeria should also start focusing, investing, expanding and building strong platforms to make Nigerians express and develop what they have inside of them and contest on a world-class level. We first hear about Nigerians doing well in sport, art, and so on from outside of the country before our country gives them recognition. This is because those country support what great talent they have in them. If they had stayed back in Nigeria, we may have never heard about them. How many talents hunts shows, football clubs, famous basketball teams do you know that are well funded by the government to a world-class standard? It is every Nigerians dream to play for foreign teams. Which day will top-class players dream to play for Nigeria teams or want to come and explore any of their talents in Nigeria?
If our government can be diverse in creating and giving good sponsorship to great platforms and industries that will help the people practice the talents they have in them, it will reduce the number of people looking for these few jobs opportunities provided by the government. Of course, people will still go to school but not all will be looking for unavailable jobs, they will be able to do what they love to do as it will also improve the life of the people and grow the economy of the country
Writer: Amuda Wasiu Hassan

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