Race For COVID-19 Vaccine Development Is On,..But Why Is The Nigerian Government Quiet About Possible Development Of Vaccine By Nigerian Researchers? By Caleb Onyeabor

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I have seen a lot of news headlines hinting about a possible development of a vaccine by Nigerian researchers. The first was a research team led by Professor Maurice Iwu in Imo state and most recently, another team of researchers in Plateau has declared a breakthrough.
Why Is the Nigerian government quiet ? Why aren’t the relevant authorities testing the potency of these proposed vaccines ?
Since this pandemic broke out, there has been a race. The Americans want to be the first to produce a vaccine. The britons are on their heels, neither are the Chinese nor Germans sleeping.
Serious nations are giving out all they have to be the first to get a globally recognised vaccine.
Beyond the need to save lives, the race for a vaccine is a race for international power and influence.
Most importantly, it is a race to make huge gains from the international market. It is in racing for things like this that first world nations has continued to dominate the others.
What happened to that Madagascar cure ? I heard Madagascar has recorded death from the virus too. Does that invalidate the potency of the cure ? I don’t think so either.
There is a cure for malaria yet millions of persons die from malaria even after taking the drugs. Does that make the cure for malaria any less effective ?
Africa shouldn’t always be redundant in times like this. The continent have played badly in international politics since the days of slavery and this has caused the continent alot.
Caleb Onyeabor writes from Enugu. Follow him on Twitter on www.twitter.com/caleb_onyeabor

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