Racism Is Evil…, We Are All Guilty! – By Caleb Onyeabor

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Racism is evil. But the majority of Africans are guilty of similar practices.
A regular African parent can beat the hell out of their child but are always prepared to unleash the gates of hell on an outsider who touches the hair of the same child.
This is because they think that since it is their child, they and they alone have the right to do whatever they feel to their children.
Blacks kill blacks too. In so many ways majority of Africans are guilty of a practice that is of the same tree as racism. The same people screaming racism and condemning the white man are patrons and matrons of tribalism, ambassadors of xenophobia, ethnic champions, and religious commandos.
From getting a job to getting admission into schools in Nigeria, there is widespread discrimination. Igbos in the north and northerners in the east have to face this discrimination every day of their lives. The south African agitators killed and maimed fellow Africans, In Zimbabwe, Nairobi, Kenya, Congo and everywhere in Africa, Africans are doing terrible things to Africans.
The same energy we used to condemn racism, we should be ready to look ourselves in the eye and condemn the other “isms”. We are all guilty.
Tupac Shakur once said ” They say that it is the white man I should fear but it is my own kind doing all the killings here ”
In our call for Justice, the list is long.

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