The great lessons in Ronaldo’s freekick goal By Caleb Onyeabor

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Cristiano Ronaldo has played at the highest level for 10 years.
Only a few players can measure up to over a decade of consistency. He has raked in goals, assists, and put in some of the greatest shows in modern football.
Among his over 700 goals, he has scored quite a number of out of the box freekicks earning him a place as one of the active best freekick takers.
As he moved to Juventus at the end of 2018, his fortune with freekicks took a bad turn. From a dreaded monster from freekick spots, Ronaldo became a joke.
This was an opportunity for a largely anti-Ronaldo mainstream media to shine. They mocked him and described him as finished. It became even worse as his arch Rival, Lionel Messi was smiling most often from the freekick spot.
10 freekicks no goal, Ronaldo never gave up. 20 free kicks no goal, he still didn’t give up, 30 freekicks no goal and he refused to accept the media’s conclusion that he could no longer play freekicks. 40 freekicks no goal. At this point, most normal persons will call it quit. After all, he has scored over 50 career freekicks. If he stopped scoring free-kicks, he will still be one of the best free-kick takers in the last decade.
Ronaldo refused to back down. Despite the failure from the spot, he didn’t let anyone stop him from playing freekicks. He kept on playing. He never gave up, he believes in himself, he believed he could still score freekicks, he didn’t even care to listen to critics, he never does.
Last Saturday, he scored a brilliant freekick after over 40 failed attempts.
Never give up, never listen to critics, keep trying, keep believing in your self.
Watching Ronaldo play has not been about the excellent entertainment and magic he produced, it has come with great life lessons.
You can’t be a Ronaldo fan and give up. You can’t be a Ronaldo fan and listen to critics, you can’t be a Ronaldo fan and stop believing in yourself.
If you do this, there is no way you wouldn’t succeed too.
Caleb Onyeabor writes from Enugu and can be reached on WhatsApp on +2347032829241

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