Almost everyone has complained about the government of Nigeria and the leaders in every sector. Globally, many people are dissatisfied about how people in one position or the other have amassed wealth just because they are in charge to lead their people.
The COVID-19 is something that is shaking the whole world presently and that has made everyone, even the rich, to understand that nothing places one person above the other. All the money, connections, cars, aircraft, among other things they value have no meaning to them anymore. Everyone is inside their homes hoping for things to get better, unlike before, the rich would have gone to a safer country to stay leaving the poor behind. Now we are in the same struggle together, truly the rich also cry.
Would this make our leaders have a rethink on how they have been taking advantage of their positions? Maybe not. Maybe no matter how they want to change, they can’t just change. You may be wondering why I said so. Let’s go on with all our ears and eyes opened.
When we say a leader is bad, why is it that his successor is likely to be the same or even worse? Why is it that people that have been doing well in small organizations and teams also end up misbehaving when they get to governmental positions? These governmental seats or positions, what are they about? Maybe people are not really the problem. What then can it be?
Maybe there is a different meaning of Nigeria at the governmental position which is different from what is made known to the general public because I wonder why their promises to people of Nigeria doesn’t correspond with what they do for the people of Nigeria. We all know actions speak louder than voices.
Maybe the system of government is the problem. This must have been laid down by the very early political leaders. The system of government is so designed to adjust your personality and help you steal conveniently. For you not to be conformed to that setting, you must have been thoroughly grounded with a clear conscience and burning desire for equality and justice for all. And of course, doing that is a threat to the number of your days.
Maybe there is nothing that will happen on this planet that would change how these political leaders treat us. Maybe we all need to understand their Nigeria or have a common meaning of Nigeria. That way, maybe they can look into the system of government to bring forth the promises and goals about the Nigeria we all need.
Writer: Amuda Wasiu Hassan

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