Despite the leadership meetings and education, we have in Nigeria, we have not been able to bring the best out of our country. Are our leaders the problem?… one may ask. Or, maybe we do not have the leaders the way they should be.
Majority of our trained leaders would prefer to lead a small community and small businesses and these “position occupants” are allowed to take charge of the matters of the country.
An average person is Nigeria wants to lead. We want to lead and be bosses right from the beginning. This made us have leaders who have no experience in leadership. You have to lead yourself first before you can lead others. How far you have taken yourself to has a lot to say about how far you can take others.
People are not just influenced by what you say, they are influenced by what you do, how what you do have grown and in your continuous increase you.
Leadership is in who you are. It is a function of the degree of your wits and not in the position you occupy. When challenges come, it is your knowledge that solves them, not your position.
Our focus on leadership has always been on occupying positions and having titles, we need people that are truly interested in service and not just seats. People that will serve even when there is no financial gain attached to it. Our people want to conquer nations and territories while they have not conquered the territories of misplaced priorities in their hearts.
Leadership brings out how empowered you are. It does not show how you want to be or how you can be, it reveals completely who you are. It can not show what is not in you!
If we want our country to grow, we all need to go and grow ourselves by first leading ourselves before we can be trusted to lead others. Leaders that can be trusted to lead the people should see the need for change and start taking responsibilities for our dear country.
God bless Nigeria!
Amuda Wasiu Hassan

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