Akpabio’s shocking moment, as he got a letter from APC in his Local Government.

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If Godswill Akpabio were to be a football Coach, he would certainly have received volumes of flak and widespread criticism from his fans, for the singular act of maintaining one set of players in his team and career life spanning over two decades in the field of play. You can imagine a Diego Maradona still playing for the Argentine National team or Napoli F.C till today. Imagine a Didier Drogba still playing for the Ivorian National team or Chelsea F.C till today. Imagine a Thierry Henry still playing for the French National team or Barcelona F.C till today. Imagine a Kanu Nwankwo still playing for the Nigerian National team or Arsenal FC till today. On the flip side, think about how new entrants like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Philippe Coutinho among others, all of Barcelona F. C have come in at the nick of time to pep up the performance of their team and ensure that the top notch team keeps maintaining her winning streak in the international football arena.
Practically speaking, those who are currently parading themselves as the first eleven in Godswill Akpabio home-grown team are nothing but a bunch of tired legs and politically spent forces who have since outlived their usefulness. Some have so significantly lost touch with the grassroot/fans so much so that they cannot even win elections in their polling units. Need we remind you Sir that the mischievous duo of ‘Mr. Cafa’ and the dethroned self-acclaimed godfather were quick to notice this lacuna and are seriously leveraging on it to weaken and tactically destroy your home-based support.
Recall Sir that the last two electoral outings here at home was anything but regal. Most annoying is the fact that you are well-loved by your people, but these retrogressive forces around you will not allow you reap the reward of the good leadership you have offered and will continue to offer your people. Your Excellency Sir, may we respectfully bring to your knowledge that the self-serving attitude of this notorious crop of stewards around you is not just injurious to your rising profile as a Statesman but is indeed repugnant to public taste.
It is very sad to note that many of the political decampees who left their cherished offices either as elected officials or government appointees in the PDP to join the APC with you in August 2018 have since been forgotten and abandoned to their fate. Some presently are so distressed that they have openly regretted their actions. However, we are aware that promises were made and attempts were equally made to keep those promises though for a short while. At the same time, we do know that you may not be aware of the plight of these committed disciples of yours. Perhaps because, none of your lieutenants has deemed it fit to bring it to your knowledge. It is on this note that we plead and humbly request that you do something urgently to help address this ugly development, in order not to bring your glowing image to disrepute.
Whereas Chief Godswill Akpabio is widely acknowledged to be a very respectful and law abiding Senior Citizen, that cannot be said of most of his lieutenants. On your first conciliatory meeting with APC Chieftains in the State soon after your epic movement into the party, you explicitly noted, ‘I have come not to destroy or unsettle the existing party structure but rather to strengthen and build on it in order to move our party to the next level in line with President Buhari’s cliche and transformational agenda.’ That was Chief Godswill Akpabio speaking with the benefit of hindsight because he knew the implication of attempting to rock the boat in the middle of the sea. Though your statement was quite clear and concise, it however does appear that your lieutenants are not on the same page with you.
Most of them having rode on your back to positions of relevance in APC have in their characteristic manner continued with their grab-it-for-myself-and-family mentality which they were known for while in the PDP. They see themselves as Overlords and have elected to treat other important members of the party with contempt and disdain. Yes! Contempt and disdain, that is how they have treated us. It is so sad and incredible that all the goodies you have doled out ever since you moved into the APC, have not been allowed to trickle down to the foundational leaders and party faithfuls.
Not to even mention the subject of appointments: they have cornered all juicy positions to themselves and their cronies. Yet no one has cared to ask about the foundational leaders. No one has cared about our interest and how the party is fairing at the moment and going forward. The PDP returnees have in their characteristic manner, come in to hijack everything and we the foundational leaders have been left in limbo to whine and wail. As aborigines of the party, we can’t help but ask these salient questions Your Excellency: When shall this cloud of injustice fade away? Why is our leader silent while his surrogates continue to treat us with contempt and disdain? Is this a subtle ploy to drive us out of the party we worked hard to build? These and more critical questions call for urgent redress.
In the light of the above, we have elected to draw your attention Sir, to this anomaly playing out at the home front. We wish to let you know that all is not well. At this point in time too, we wish to advice that having signed-off some of your key players in the course of moving over to the APC, you apparently need new legs, particularly you need a vibrant midfield maestro who has the play savvy to dribble the opponent and lay good passes to other team mates. Now is the time for your team to start shedding-off those old weighty baggages and bring on board new talented and young players. The time is now for the Political Colossus of our time to rejig his home-based political structure before the scavenging politically spent forces around him succeed in dragging him aground.
In our next epistle Sir, we hope to chronicle the profiles of all the bad elements and retrogressive forces milling round you, attempting to becloud your focus and foresight. They are what we call, “the specks of infamy in the hall of fame”.
Finally Sir, while we empathize with the government and people of Nigeria over the unfortunate incidence of the Corona pandemic, we do know that Corona has scared and compulsorily sent many of our leaders into hiding, with the intention of having them locked down till whenever the common aggressor of humanity would tell them to hazard a peep. But then, we know you to be a leader who has always lived for your people and the God who made you a leader. Could it be that the Corona fever has so adversely afflicted you, so much so that you wouldn’t even care to hazard a virtual discourse with your people, something similar to what the President has been doing whenever he wants to address his cabinet members every Wednesday? Shall we abandon our collective call to service for the fear of Corona and what if the enemy of democracy prowling about seizes the opportunity of our inaction to play the hero in our circumstance. God forbid!
Your Excellency Sir, back here at home, your people are forlorn and prostrate, they need you. If they can’t see you which is quite understandable, they long to hear from you. But if you are no where to be found at this most trying period of their lives, when else could your impact be better felt other than now? Nevertheless, we bring you good tidings and words of assurances from your people. We have been asked to reassure you of the fact that Corona is only a fleeting phenomenon. This too will pass away. For your information Sir, Statistics so far have shown that more people have died out of the fear of Corona than the virus itself.
Indeed, Corona has come to remind our leaders of their core responsibilities to the people and why they should always act responsibly. To us, Corona is an eye opener but not a death sentence. Corona has come to once again re-awaken our consciousness to the potency of our african traditional medicine which the whiteman has be-laboured to have us jettison for his chemically laced ineffective antidote. Here at home, we have all gone back to basis and we have defeated Corona the african way not the way WHO would have wanted. What’s more! We look forward to the future when we shall tell the tell-tale story of Corona and the battle of the two world powers which has made the Corona enterprise a botched affair.
Once again, thank you your Excellency, may the good Lord guide and keep you safely in His warm embrace so that God’s Will may continually be done in your life and the lives of all those God has commissioned you to bless.
Long live Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio, CON
Long live the Foundational leaders of APC
Long live Essien Udim L.G.A
Long live the All Progressive Congress

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