RELATIONSHIP OR BEFORE MARRIAGE TIPS! [ Steps to take and never to take ].  By Bro Iyke Jerry Amadi

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Understand that, information affects mentality. Whether right or wrong, or high or low, it all depends on the kind of information you have. What you feed on, whether by reading or hearing, shapes your belief and value. And your belief and value shape your thinking, words, actions, and decisions. And your decisions shape your life and destiny.
Knowledge is medicinal. Every right knowledge you received well and adhered to brings healings to your soul and spirit. Here we go,
You see, before you fall or jump in love, or whatever they call it…Please follow your heart but connect it to your brain. But if in case you don’t trust your own brain enough to lead you right, look for a higher brain and connect to. Please and please, don’t follow your heart if you can’t trust your brain because of danger that might be lurking ahead. You might crash yourself. And for you not to fall wrongly and break your head or limbs, then had I know will follow. Be warned!
Please Understand These Vital And Undiluted Truth As We Proceed.
Not everyone you see in a Church is a true Christian. Not everyone who carries the Bible is a true believer. Not everything inside the water is Fish. Not everyone in Barack is a soldier. Not everyone in a bus-stop is going somewhere. And not everyone in Airport is travelling. If you understand that very clearly, it will help you a lot in making the right choice and not to be fooled and fall prey to the scavengers and wolf’s in sheep cloth hiding under Church. Also understand that, like attract like. [ “What you sow is what you will also reap. As you think so you are” ].
So go for someone with similar Priority, Passion, Vision, and Purpose. Because different vision or purpose is the reason for division and opposition. Different priority leads to obscurity. Different passion breeds confusion. Go for someone who understands your languages when you speak them. Because different language is the reason for many misunderstandings/disagreements. Note please, I don’t mean literal language here. Go for someone with the same mentality to maintain sanity and orderliness. Very very important!
Please and please, do not develop an emotional relationship where you are not interested. [ Always have a limit or boundary ] this goes mostly to Men. If you know very well that you are not interested in her, please don’t lead her on. Let there be gap because Women are emotional beings, they think and reasons differently from Men. Stop raising people’s hope unnecessarily and playing with their emotions and feelings; it’s an act of pure wickedness and stupidity coupled with foolishness and childishness.
Don’t give anybody expectation if you have no intention in manifestation. This also goes mostly to [ Women ], you know very well that you don’t like him or attracted to him. But still, you can’t let go or take your eyes off his pocket and Wallet stuff. It is also pure wickedness on your own side. Don’t foolishly defend your stupid and insensitive action by saying did I ask him; because you know very well what is in his mind. [ “Treat others the way you want to be treated because of the law of nature. It’s unavoidable. God forgives sin but not consequences” ]. Don’t waste anybody’s time and energy when you know clearly that you have no real interest in them. Be warned! God is watching!
Go for someone who gives you peace and rest of mind and not someone who makes you feel “WOW” only. Because charisma without character and right intention has no long life in view. Only mirage and moments of fake and unreal feelings and happiness! Because anything flashy will flash out in a moment! Charisma without character is a charismatic affliction and will make your life stinks. Love thrives more when it is mutual, and commitments from both parties are [ 100 / 100 and not 50 / 50 ]. Peace is the satisfaction and fulfillment of life and destiny. Peace is the approval of God because where there is no peace or orderliness, God is not there. Please understand that very well.
Lesson About Life: [ “You see, anything you can’t do without today, will do without you tomorrow” ]. Be very careful in this life. Don’t live your life by chance because all that glitters are not gold. That’s the way it is. A word always enough for the wise!
May God see us through and grant us more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in this life journey in Jesus name, Amen!

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