Bro. Iyke Jerry Amadi

[ Maybe Why He Did Not Marry You, Or Will Refuse To Marry You, Or Ignoring You, Or Dumped You For Another ]. Please read down fully and attentively to understand better and know more.
MAN MOST GREATEST NEED: [ Wise, purposeful, futuristic, and spiritual Men, don’t marry for love or for physical appearance alone ]. Please understand this as we explore!
Because this has caused lots of havoc and damages in godly marriages and relationships, and still causing as of today and now. Because of lack of proper knowledge and understanding of the key things and rules of the game. They don’t know or understand [ “LOVE LANGUAGES” ], and how to apply them. [ “As you know reach, na so you go do reach” ]. Because you can’t give what you don’t have. Here we go,…
You see, ‘Men’s love languages are different from Women”s love languages.’
The greatest need of a man is not [ “LOVE, SEX, ROMANCE, or FOOD” ] or whatever, as many may assume or think. I’m a man and I will tell you the pure truth and I lie not. The greatest need and love language of every Man is [ RESPECT and HONOUR ], they interpret that as love. Men hardly say that my wife or my woman loves me, no. They will say my wife or my woman respect me. “When a man tells you that, he is indirectly telling you that my wife/woman loves me. No matter how much you tell a man that you love him, if you like, shout it to the high heavens, ‘if he doesn’t see it through respect and honour, my dear your second name na [ “OYO”, meaning = On Your Own].
“Hear this, a man can love a lady so much and real and not marry her.” This is a raw truth and fact many ladies fail to grasp or understand. You see, when it comes to marriage issue, wise men are very careful and sensitive, they take it very very serious because it leads to many things in their lives and destiny, both their purpose in life and their walk and works with God which is the most important of all. They don’t joke with it. They look for some certain things. What makes wise men marry is [ “STABILITY” ]. If he doesn’t see it in you, he can’t marry you no matter how much he loves and cares for you. Anyone he sees it in her, he marries the person. Now, what is this stability? It is called [ “PEACE OF MIND” ]. Wise men don’t joke with it, because the journey is too far, till eternity.
Many think that it is love that sustains a marriage or relationship, no no… Love, money and materials things alone cannot sustain marriage/relationship, never!. Because love is an emotion/feeling, and feelings are fickle, it changes with time. It comes and goes, whether you like it or not. Ask married people and they will tell you that feelings are not always there. So with this understanding, if you are wise, you can’t build your marriage only on those things mentioned above.
For example, [ ” many divorced or separation, whatever you call it, that are recorded all over the world today, were once in love, and many were swimming in the pools of money also in different currencies with heavy material possessions and connections you can name or think of” ]. But when something bigger and stronger than love, money, connections, and material possessions, attacks, love flew away through the window, money went into hiding, connections were confused and dumbfounded, because they lacked what it takes, the ability, the power, and the capacity to sustain and help it stand. Then, they allowed the marriage/relationship to be killed and buried forever. What a pity!
What you need to sustain a wonderful, godly marriages/relationships are; Divine knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Because they will teach you how to love and romance well and right. Mostly the communication skills. How to communicate right, healthy, and effective.
You see, communication is the vital key to a strong marriage and relationship. If you miss it there, every other thing will go wrong. Surely. Communication is not a key but “THE KEY”, there is a big difference. They will also teach you how to use your money and possessions wisely. But in all, they will teach you how to love God and make Him and His interests your first priority in life, and in everything you do. What God is not involved in from the beginning, He can’t be part of. God cannot join you at the middle on what you already started without Him, never. Understand that, your knowledge and wisdom without God hold no water, it is a waste and can never last or yield good result or good success, never.
Take note of this, [ I trust you” is a better compliment than “I love you” because you may not always trust the one you love, but believe you me, you can always love the person you trust for the rest of your life ]. That’s The Way It Is.
Finally, my candid advice to you, #Be The Right Woman#
“Stop looking for Mr Right. Strive earnestly to be the right woman/lady that every wise and real man out there is looking for, praying, wishing, and hoping to have.”
[ Pride / Proud Is A Killer Disease, Very Very Deadly Honestly ]. “So don’t allow pride and ego to ruin your promising and glorious future and destiny. Be meek and teachable in the spirit, and always be ready for a change, because the only constant thing in life is change.” Please stop looking for who will love you or take you the way you are because no right person will love or take nonsense.
Take note of this, when two or more people complained about the same thing in your life, understand that, it’s not a time for ego and some arrogance but, time for pondering and sober reflection. Because in the bible, [ “Two is the number of witnesses. And most times, the voice of people is the voice of God for no one has seen God” ].
Written By Bro. Iyke Jerry Amadi

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