COVID 19: “There are no True Men of God in this present Generation” – Popular A’lbom Holiness preacher

By Divine Sam:-

Rev. Solomon Nanah General overseer of LIFE REFRESHMENT CHAPEL INTERNATIONAL Uyo Akwa Ibom state

Reacting to the condition where Government has ordered for the temporary closing down of churches to prevent Lage gathering against coronavirus contamination. A popular Holiness preacher and the General overseer of LIFE REFRESHMENT CHAPEL INTERNATIONAL Uyo Akwa Ibom state capital Rev. Solomon Nanah said it is very unfortunate that everyone is afraid that the world is going to wipe away, he rebuked the fear, adding that this is not how God said he will end the world, therefore, the perception and coronavirus is just a phenomenon that will end and will end very soon.
Rev. Nanah said God’s hand is also involved in the present situation of the world on the strong belief that nothing will happen in life that God has not accepted and given his consent otherwise he would have stopped it.
He said there are many things that would have happened and God intervene, but God wants to use this epidemic to tell the world that Christians has decayed in their spiritual growth because they have allowed the materials things to overpower their spiritual lives.
Rev. Solomon said, ‘with this COVID-19 virus has also revealed that all these people that are building mansions and own private jets in the country calling themselves men of God are pure businessmen and not God servants, businessmen who are working to satisfied their belly.
He noted that in the 14th century there was a similar case called the black bear it was like leprosy, it came like big pocks all over people’s body and anyone that comes across contaminated it and it was so terrible and threatening but there was a man of God who came out and prayed, he visited those who were quarantine prayed for them and touched them those things disappeared and he was the man God used to stop the spread and he solved the problem of that generation.
He said, ‘what is happening now has proved that there is no one claiming man of God that is able to stand for this Generation.
” Where are those men of God that has been blowing anointing and people will be falling on the ground? Where are the men of God that has been performing healing on the television? Where is the prophet that has been prophesying and healing, God is using this to tell Christian in the world to put more effort into repentance so as to produce true men of God. There are no men of God in this present Generation”
He said it is so shameful that Government is running, pastors too are also running looking for help, where else will the help comes from if churches are shutdown.
He said even prophet Tb Joshua only talks about how the epidemic will end yesterday but cannot visit the isolation camp to pray and I am still looking up for a prophet who will go to the isolation center and heal those on sickbed.
He kicked against the closing down of churches as ordered by the government because it is only in church that solution to all situation are professed. He called on Christians in the globe to be more dedicated and committed to serving as the only way to salvage them from any kind of condition.

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